Director, Workflow and Process Design

Operational Management – Client Services Stream
Position Title: Director, Workflow and Process Design
Classification: Executive Level 2
Reports to:
Branch Manager – Client Services Branch
Direct Reports: 7
Agency size:
around 500 FTE at present
Position Overview
As Director, Workflow and Process Design you will have extensive experience in resource modelling and analysis
within a service delivery agency and be responsible for measuring and analysing productivity of the service delivery
capabilities of the Agency. You will monitor workflows and provide advice on internal resource adjustments needed
to meet launch requirements. You will identify opportunities for improvement and streamlining of work processes
and will be the business owner of system requirements relevant to participant movement through the scheme.
Your role will be to lead a team in providing expert resource and process modelling to the Agency service delivery
and support functions across the network. You will provide quantitative and process analysis to drive productivity
and model alternative resource allocation methodologies based on direct observation and continual feedback from
service delivery teams.
As a senior manager you will be accountable for;
 the day to day leadership and management of Agency expertise in the area of resource modelling and
workflow and process design
 providing expertise on activity based costing and associated resource modelling options
 providing tools and information to agency staff to understand, monitor and improve their productivity
 building competency and expertise across the network in understanding performance, in particular
ensuring the growth of and sharing of local solutions and approaches to streamline resource usage
 identifying system and procedural changes required and liaising with IT capabilities to address
inefficiencies and continually refine processes
 evaluation of the Agency productivity and preparing regular advice to Senior Executive and governments
for process investment, refinement and future requirements to ensure workflows and processes are
scalable for full scheme
Personal Attributes
The Director, Workflow and Process Design will have demonstrated the following attributes:
An inquiring mind and is flexible and responsive to stakeholder needs.
Proactive and strategic in future planning and preparing for change.
Takes personal responsibility for meeting objectives and progressing projects.
Ability to provide impartial, forthright and evidence based advice.
Able to maintains momentum and sustains effort.
Excellent stakeholder management skills with the ability to develop, establish and maintain strong
networks and relationships.
One big difference to lots of lives.
Well-developed oral and written communication skills with well-developed interpersonal skills, including the
ability to communicate in a confidential and sensitive manner and excellent stakeholder management skills.
Able to respond to and prioritise competing and often urgent requests in a calm and efficient manner while
maintaining high work standards and attention to detail.
Proven ability to achieve results and manage competing demands within a dynamic environment.
Main Relationships
Senior Executive, National capability
Managers across the Network
Funding and administrative staff across the network
The successful applicant will have a professional background and relevant qualifications in resource
modelling, statistical analysis, or related field.
A professional background and relevant qualifications in resource modelling, statistical analysis, or
related field combined with significant relevant experience in resource modelling, statistical
analysis, or related field in an Australian Public Service context.
One big difference to lots of lives.