Tim Frome Bob Adey - the Institute of Corrosion

Offshore Cathodic Protection,
Structures and Pipelines
London Branch, of The
Institute of Corrosion
Presenter Bob Adey, Tim Froome
Affiliation: Beasey Ltd.
Title: Modelling of CP systems for submerged and buried monopiles
Timing and Session: Day 1 Session 1
Monopiles are a widely adopted foundation system for offshore wind energy facilities.
They present many challenges to CP designers.
The purpose of the presentation will be to describe and demonstrate the latest
modelling capabilities and how these can be used to inform CP design of the external
and internal surfaces of a structure. It will be shown how modelling can take account of:
The water flow rate profile and its impact on current demand
The development of calcareous deposits, and the capability at the end of the CP
system design life of an anode configuration to re-create those deposits (in the
event of storm damage for example)
The effect of progressive change over time of coating breakdown factors
The effect on anode output as they are progressively consumed over the system
design life
The anode output efficiency losses associated with dense arrangements of
anodes within carrier frames
Interference effects between mixed impressed and sacrificial systems
Return path losses (eg at the Transition Piece to Monopile connection)
and more
It will be shown how modelling provides a facility to readily evaluate alternative CP
system solutions, and to test the effect of alternative assumptions, which provides input
for CP designers to make an informed selection of the final CP design.
The same underlying modelling principles can be applied to alternative wind turbine
structures (eg tripods, tethered floating, and structures manufactured with reinforced
concrete rather than steel).