Know what you can recycle - Warrnambool City Council

Date: 02.04.2014
Know what you can recycle
Knowing what you can recycle is one of the key steps to getting it right on bin night. Together with
its member councils the Waste Reduction Group is rolling out the statewide recycling education
campaign, ’Get It Right on Bin Night’, to help residents get the most value from their kerbside
recycling service.
“While most residents are good at recycling, we’re often asked about the recyclability of unusual
packaging and whether containers should be washed.
We hope that by providing information
through the Get It Right On Bin Night campaign, we will be able to assist householders to increase
their recycling efforts and reduce contamination,” explained Lisa Finn, Regional Education Officer at
the Waste Reduction Group.
“Recyclable materials that aren’t presented correctly cannot be sorted and are likely to end up in
landfill with general rubbish, where they take many years to break down” she added.
As part of the Get It Right On Bin Night campaign, it is recommended that you follow these top tips
for recycling right:
Leave lids and labels on … including spray tops, pump tops, plastic carton lids, drinks lids
and glass jar lids.
Don’t put recycling in bags.
Place items in your recycling bin loose. Placing recyclables inside a paper bag or cardboard
box means it can’t be sorted correctly for recycling.
Recycle from every room in the house including the bathroom, laundry and living room.
Hunt out aerosol cans, medicine bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles and laundry
detergent bottles to add to your recycling bin.
No need to wash or scrub items clean…just a quick scrape clean or a rinse in dirty dish water
will do fine.
Keep up to date with all the new items accepted in your councils recycling collection by
visiting their website or
Get it Right on Bin Night is a Victorian Government campaign delivered locally by the Waste
Reduction Group and member councils. More information about the campaign can be found at: or by contacting Vicki Finch, Regional Education Officer of the
Waste Reduction Group on 03 5571 1520 or email
-ENDSFor further information contact:
Vicki Finch
Regional Education Officer
Waste Reduction Group
Tel: 03 5571 1520
M: 0427 362 985
About Get It Right On Bin Night:
Get It Right On Bin Night (GIROBN) is a state-wide campaign that aims to increase household
recycling rates across the metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. The campaign was
developed by Sustainability Victoria (SV) and the Metropolitan Regional Waste Management
Group (MRWMG).
Photograph Opportunities:
 Regional education officer with some unusual recyclable items
 Recyclables found in the bathroom, laundry or study
 Local resident recycling right