anguage Arts Bilingual Program

Mrs. Gonzerelli
6,7,8 Language Arts Bilingual
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The goal of the Bilingual language arts program program is to provide an
academic environment that is rich in language that will enhance second
language acquisition. Students will be immersed in English with clarification
of skills in native language. They will be exposed to works of fiction,
nonfiction, poetry, plays and short stories. The classes will be based on the
readers and writers workshop approach.. Lessons will be in alignment with
the CCSS. Each class will begin with a mini-lesson, followed by
independent or group work. During the workshop, students will be
introduced to new concepts and will practice writing from different genres.
Students will also engage in peer and teacher conferencing/editing to obtain
constructive feedback for their writing.
Course Objectives:
Students read, comprehend and respond in individual, literal,
critical and evaluative ways to literary, informational, and
persuasive texts in multimedia formats.
Students read and respond to classical and contemporary texts
from many cultures and literary periods.
Students produce written, oral and visual texts to express, develop
and substantiate ideas and experiences.
Students apply the conventions of standard English in oral, written
and visual communication.
Required Materials
1 Composition notebooks
2 2-pocket folders
Colored pencils
Post it notes
Scotch Tape
1 Binder
Behavioral and Academic Expectations
Although we have very high expectations for our students, your key to
success is simple. We only ask that you be respectful of yourself and
others, responsible with your work and cooperative with your peers and
Grading policy
Your grade is based upon the evaluation of the following:
Published writing pieces
Reader’s Notebook
Writer’s Notebook
Daily homework assignments
Participation and effort
District-Mandated Post Assessments
Homework 10%
Classwork 50%
Assessments 40%
I am available to meet with students during lunch and after school by