5th Grade School Supply List 2012-2013

5th Grade School Supply List 2014-2015
Knightdale Elementary
 1 large zippered school supply pouch
(please no pencil boxes they do not fit in the desks)
 package of 24 #2 pencils
 2 large erasers
 1 metric/standard ruler
 box of 24 colored pencils or crayons
 5 one-subject notebooks (spiral bound or composition)
 1 five-subject notebook
 5 pocket folders
 1 book bag
 4 boxes of Kleenex (tissues)
 hand-sanitizer
 1 pack of blank computer paper
 2 packs of notebook paper (college or wide ruled)
Please note that these items will have to be replenished during the school year.
Students will be notified if homeroom teachers require any additional materials.
Please note: Students are allowed to bring water bottles to school filled with WATER
ONLY. Also, non-educational materials are note permitted in the classroom by WCPSS
mandates. This would include: game cards, electronic devices, magazines (except
educational), and grooming/hygiene products.