rammar: Search for two-word sentences

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Grammar Homework – Due Friday
Two Word Sentences
Today in class, we looked at two word sentences and talked about what a
sentence needed in order to be considered a complete sentence.
Here is what we learned:
A sentence needs a subject (who or what is doing something or being
described) and a predicate (the action or verb being done).
The subject is most often a noun or a pronoun and the predicate is most
often a verb.
Here are the sentences we looked at:
I flew!
Subject: I
Predicate: flew
I jumped?
Subject: I
Predicate: jumped
I will.
Subject: I
Predicate: will
For homework this week, you are going to go on a hunt for other two-word
sentences. These sentences must be found in a book. They can all come from
the same book or they can all come from different books. It can be found in
a chapter book or a picture book and it does not have to come from a book
you are currently reading. The best way to hunt for these sentences is to
skim through pages while paying attention to the shortest sentences that
you are see. When you find a two-word sentence, copy it down on the chart
on the next page and fill in all the required information. On Friday, you will
need to have found at least THREE sentences that fit this week’s
pattern and have filled in all the necessary information on your chart.
If you need more room to write, please feel free to write on the back of the
next page. Be prepared to share your two-word sentences on Friday.
Title of the
Text Where
This Sentence
Was Found
The Two-Word
Subject of
This Sentence
Predicate of
This Sentence
I jumped.
For example:
Today I Will Fly!