Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech
BY: Student 1 and Student 2
 Noun – a person place or thing.
 Examples: dog, table, dress
 Sentences: Bob didn’t go to the movies because he got sick.
 Her house is located in Westmont.
 The teacher was teaching history to the students.
 The child broke his foot while playing soccer.
 Paul played soccer this season.
Defintion: Modify and effect meanings nouns and pronouns.
Example: heavy, pretty, yellow
Sentences: The brown rabbit jumped across the lake.
The box was heavy so I got help from a employer.
The sky was pitch black because of the storm yesterday.
They had fresh subs at the meeting.
She wore a red top for her party.
 Preposition: has an object and show a relationship between its object and some
other word in the sentence.
 Examples: about, above, but, down,
 Sentences: She was about to pass out when she failed her finals.
 Bob went across the street to get some groceries.
 During the play I fell off the stage.
 The children jumped into the pool to get wet.
 I put the knife above the table so no one could touch it.
 Conjunctions: The act of joining or the condition of being joined.
 Examples: and, but, or , yet
 Sentences: Bob and his friends worked on their project together.
 She had to go trick or treating with her brother but her mom gave her a chance
to go to the movies intead.
 Paul and his friends were going to a restaurant.
 I had a present for my mom.
 She and her friend had to cancel the party because of the storm.
 Articles: a separate clause.
 Examples: a, an, the
Sentences: Paul got a award for being the best student.
 Becky an her mom went shopping at the mall.
 The movie was so boring that everyone fell asleep.
 I got in trouble an got grounded because I got a bad grade in my test.
 This summer I went to the beach an went to California.
 Verb is a action word or state of being.
 Example action verbs. Jump swim write and some state of being is. Is am are.
 I jumped in the swimming pool.
 Yesterday I slept for a long period of time in the afternoon.
 I like to talk to my friend about life.
 They are lots of furniture and a big bed in my
Once in the shower I was daydreaming I fell asleep.
 Adverb that modify adjective and other verbs and adverbs.
 This Saturday quickly got ready to go the mall in Richland in the
 Usually I get home have a snack and rapidly after that I do my
 Once when I when Ice skating I feel very abruptly to the ice.
 Usually when I get up I slowly open my eyes and right to my bathroom.
 Usually I cant eat very fast I eat in me own time and speed.
interjection show felling or expression.
Oh! My dog buddy barks very loudly.
Hmmm, that fresh pizza the chef made smell delicious.
Oh! Once the bus almost left the school without me.
Yeah! I like that dance.
Wow! You’re a awesome rapper.