Objects Practice Exercises

Objects Practice Exercises
Identify the direct (DO) and any indirect objects (IO) in the following sentences.
1. Denny brought Tony some apples, bananas, and strawberries from the store.
2. Place the puppy into his pen and come to dinner.
3. Jennifer sent an e-mail to her friend in Missouri.
4. The kids played street hockey all afternoon.
5. Thomas got an invitation to visit UCLA during Spring Break.
6. Gary brought a paper to read while he waited for Ann to finish.
7. Justin Timberlake sang his fans' favorite hits.
8. The king gave his most loyal subjects a generous portion of land.
9. The instructor offered her students a lollipop after class.
10. He tied the nets to the goal posts and lined the fields for this season's games.
11. The plumber sent Mom a bill for fixing the sink.
12. Paul bought us tickets for Sunday's game.
13. Grandma read Michael and Mark a story before bed.
14. Orlando wrote a poem and submitted it to the contest.
15. I need more time to finish my project.
Find the subjects, verbs (transitive, intransitive, or linking), direct objects (DO), and predicate words
(PW) in these sentences.
1. Jeanne was the chairperson of the dance committee.
2. The boys at the park played tag and ran races.
3. The baker cut and wrapped the bread.
4. The large round spaceship rose over the quiet city.
5. Jeff and Carl speak the same language.
6. Someone must have dialed my number by mistake.
7. They hung up quickly.
8. I hate phone calls.
9. The girl combed her hair and brushed her teeth for her date.
10. The boy and the girl love their dogs.
11. Joe should have been captain of the debate team.
12. The soldier cleaned and polished his rifle.
13. The girls fished for hours without a bite.
14. Today was the warmest day in years.
15. You must do your lessons correctly.
Label the direct objects (DO), indirect objects (IO), subject complements (SC), and objects of
prepositions (OP) in the following sentences. Be careful: no sentence will have all of
NOTE: A subject complement (SC) is just another name for a predicate word (PW). They are the
same thing.
1. My sister Mary teaches math and physical education at the high school.
2. I gave my younger sister a lovely necklace for her graduation.
3. The teacher was sick yesterday. In fact, she went to the hospital for some tests.
4. I enjoy television. My favorite programs are NYPD and Nature.
5. The students felt great about their essays. The teacher returned them this morning.
6. No, I have not told Karen about the party. I will tell her tonight.
7. My father is quiet and shy. He is an excellent auto mechanic.
8. Jerry told her the story about the lost dog. It was really a sad story.
9. Usually for breakfast my wife has tea, cereal, and a banana.
10. Marilyn walked to the store, then to the school, and finally to the bank.