Instruction for simple sentences

Note page from teaching SIMPLE SENTENCES
Part of speech
Preview notes
Simple sentence
Required 2 parts maybe 3 parts
2 basic parts of simple
The noun of the sentence
The action of the sentence
Receives the action of the Verb
Predicate nominative
Renames the subject of the sentence
Predicate adjective
Describes the noun
Individual notes/examples from
discovery Ed video
If students know their login and password (should be their normal login?) for Discovery Ed – this is
the video we used to reinforce instruction of concepts.
The Harold Syntax Guide to Grammar Basics: Sentences: Part 01: Verbal Phrases, Compound, Complex, and
Compound-Complex Sentences
This is the review that was given before the quiz was given by homeroom teacher:
Cass was asked the following questions:
1. What are the two parts of the simple sentence?
2. What are predicates?
3. What is a direct object in a sentence?
4. What does the predicate nominative rename?
5. What does the predicate adjective describe?
Students then worked in groups to answer these 5 questions on white boards.
Students wrote the word for each question. When group was done it was checked and they could take the
video quiz.
1. What is the subject in the sentence? The students wrote the five sentences.
2. What is the predicate in the sentence? The students wrote the five sentences.
3. What is the object in the sentence? The students wrote the five sentences.
4. What is the predicate adjective in this sentence? The students were challenged?
5. What is the predicate nominative in the following sentence? The student is a smart kid.
Then the student took the quiz individually.