Chewon Kim_sentence journal

Chewon Kim
Seminar II
Sentence Journal
I made a wall with my sentences. Each sentence is placed inside the brick which the
wall is composed of. The sentences vary in structure from simple, complex, compound,
compound-complex, to complex-compound. As each small brick piles up together, they
become a large piece: a wall. Like this, since each sentence, written in different structures,
exists together in a paragraph, the paragraph and text can convey more complicated content
or meanings. By writing sentence journal every week and trying myself to write the
sentences in various structure, I found out the different effect of each sentence structure.
For example, because the simple sentence is simple, it is appropriate to use when the writer
wants to emphasize or make the sentence very clear, so that the readers can understand the
meaning of the sentence right away. Whereas the compound sentence is more complicated
structurally than simple sentences, but it is useful when the writer wants to tell a complex
concept of his/her idea. Using a mix of the sentences with different sentence structures
brings a harmonious balance to a writing.