Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda Thursday, January

Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda
Thursday, January 15, 2015
Call to Order: 6:30pm
Roll Call: Sigma Chi, Delta Chi, Phi delta theta, Phi kappa psi, Lambda chi alpha, Sigma Nu, Tau Kappa
Epsilon, Phi Kappa Theta, Akorede - New member education development(Absent), community service
and philanthropy (Vacant), Chris - VP of Recruitment, Connor - VP of Risk management(Late), Steven Marketing and PR, Walker - Conduct review
i. Approval of Minutes: Approved
ii. Approval of Agenda: Approved
Officer Reports
Vice President of Community Service & Philanthropy, Mr. Zach Gunby; [email protected] (952) 393
Vice President of Risk Management, Mr. Connor Donohue; [email protected] (651) 214 9697
Sober Monitoring
o Monday January 26th 8:30 pm – 10 pm Armstrong 101 (confirmed)
o Tuesday January 27th 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm Armstrong 101 (confirmed)
Round Table
o Thursday February 26th at 9pm
Last Weekend Report
o I did not see or hear any incidents over the weekend
“It’s on Us” Campaign
o Setting up a meeting with Nathan Christianson
o Get athletes in their own venue
Vice President of Conduct Review, Mr. Walker Johnson; [email protected] (651)303 7029
Thursday feb 26th CSU238 – Conduct Review training with delegates
Vice President of Member Education & Development, Mr. Akorede Teriba; [email protected]
(612) 607 9871
New Member Workshops: Tuesday Feb 24th at 8pm MH103/ Wednesday March 4th at 7pm for
incoming members only
Emerging Leaders Friday February 20th, every alternating Friday 1-3pm MH209
Fraternal Value Society - Friday February 13th 1-3 pm every alternating Friday with Emerging leaders
MH 209
New Member Educator Roundatable : Monday February 9th at 9pm, attendance mandatory CSU
Scholarship Roundtable: Wednesday February 25th at 9pm, attendance mandatory CSU 204
Vice President of Recruitment, Mr. Chris Rife; [email protected] (507) 317 6946
Have chapters tell me about their recruitment events so Steven and I can PR the event.
All fraternity social, feb. 9. CSU 253/4/5
8-10pm. Setup at 7:30
Start wearing letters on Wednesday!
Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Mr. Steven Clark; [email protected] (612) 845 4248
Annual Report information ASAP or we’ll bug the crap out of you until we get it (academic year)
o Send in information from the Fall to get that compiled 2014 academic year
Monthly newsletter; Send me info for these
Vice President of Council Management, Mr. Colby Ackerman; [email protected] (651) 352 7183
Officers send me their Gmail to make a drive for minutes
o Presidents feel free to email me for announcements
Reminder: Treasurer Roundtable will be next Tuesday Jan 27th 8pm after sober monitoring
President, Mr. Na Chum: [email protected] (507) 995 7098
All-Greek next Tuesday
- Elections today for Community Service & Philanthropy (Zach Gunby)
- Ballroom booked for future All-Greeks.
- Starting to look at chapter check-in's
No IFC meeting next week, IFC location will change, Colby will keep you posted
Greek Advisor, Mr. John Bulcock; [email protected] (507) 389 6076
AFLV Trip Meeting tonight at 7 in Student Activities Office
 Greek Awards Meeting at 1 p.m. Friday in Student Activities Office
 Final Grades Out
 Greek Housing Meeting 10 a.m. Friday, February 13. Location TBA
 Individual Greek Awards, Brotherhood/Sisterhood posted in MavSync, CoTY and Most Improved being
posted on maverickgreeks.com today. Criteria are same as 2013 packet, so build application around
Greek Graduate Intern, Ms. Sarah Schliesmann; [email protected]
Get Dance Marathon portals set up and start donating
Old Business:
Nominations for VP of Community Service & Philanthropy
i. Brad Revier
ii. Jake Hruska (resigned)
iii. Jake Casella (resigned)
iv. Zach Gumby (Nominated) Elected
v. Questions:
1. (John) Would the circumstances of this role be worrisome for you?
2. (Izzak) Do you have a plan for collecting hours?
3. (Na) Why do you want to run for this position?
a. How does this position relate to fraternal values?4
New Business:
 MSSA Senate Openings: College of Allied Health & Nursing, College of Business, Graduate
 Housing Fair next Wednesday, 10-2, CSU First Floor
 (Steven) Greek week – Send one delegate for Greek week meeting (Send a name by next Friday
Jan 30th)
 (Walker) Get delegates for conduct review
 (DJ) Let’s get food after IFC
 (Na) Make IFC exec mandatory
Meeting adjourned at: 7:03pm