Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda Thursday

Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Call to Order:
Roll Call:
Sigma Chi
Delta Chi
Phi Delta Theta
Lambda Chi Alpha
Sigma Nu
Phi Kappa Psi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Tau Kappa Epsilon
VP of Council
VP of Conduct
VP of Marketing
and PR
VP of Risk
VP of New member
education development
VP of Recruitment
VP of community service
and philanthropy
IFC President
i. Approval of Minutes:
ii. Approval of Agenda:
Officer Reports
Vice President of Community Service & Philanthropy, Mr. Zach Gunby; [email protected] (952) 393
No Report
Vice President of Risk Management, Mr. Connor Donohue; [email protected] (651) 214 9697
Thank you to everyone who attended my roundtable last night
AFLV Packet
Initiation for chapters is coming up so make sure you have your forms filled out and stay safe, be smart
Vice President of Conduct Review, Mr. Walker Johnson; [email protected] (651)303 7029
No Report
Vice President of Member Education & Development, Mr. Akorede Teriba; [email protected]
(612) 607 9871
Greek Graduation next Tuesday Nov. 24th
Vice President of Recruitment, Mr. Chris Rife; [email protected] (507) 317 6946
No Report
Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Mr. Steven Clark; [email protected] (612) 845 4248
No Report
Vice President of Council Management, Mr. Colby Ackerman; [email protected] (651) 352 7183
Pay your dues to me or Amy by Tuesday next week at the latest if you haven't already.
President, Mr. Na Chum: [email protected] (507) 995 7098
Thank you for a wonderful year!!!
Greek Advisor, Mr. John Bulcock; [email protected] (507) 389 6076
Greek Graduate Intern, Ms. Marissa Hulshizer; [email protected]
Futures Quest-Intended for folks who have joined fraternities in the last year. Registration is due
November 30. There are scholarships available to cover registration, and we already have two men
from our community going to the December session (Dec 18-20). If interested in going to that session,
John can connect them with how to request a scholarship.
AFLV- most beneficial for IFC and PHC officers, but can be good for any member. Payment deadlines
are spread out, as the cost of $400 is tough for a lot of people. First payment of $150 is due Friday, Nov.
20th. 2nd payment of $150 is due Fri. Dec. 11th. Final payment of $100 due first day of spring classes,
Mon. Jan. 11th
3. Installation Ceremony Dec. 6th @ 2:00p.m. If you are an incoming or outgoing officer please send me the
email and address of those you would like to invite to the ceremony. [email protected]
4. Dance Marathon-NEW TIME 2-10p.m. Feb. 27th. Registration starts at 1p.m. Sign up at
www.msudancemarathon.com You won't want to miss out!
Old Business:
a. Officer Elections
i. VP of Marketing and PR
1. Brett Marshall (Phi Delta Theta)
ii. VP of New Member Education and Development
1. Jesse Aland (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
2. Mitch Condon (Lambda Chi Alpha)
New Business:
Addition of Leadership practices inventory for $75 to our budget
Meeting adjourned at: pm