Literacy Mat: Year 7 Chemistry Theme 3 – Mixtures
Lesson 1: Pure and
Keywords: mixture, pure
particle, model
Sentence starters:
Three mixtures are ...
Three pure substances are...
A mixture is ...
A pure substance is ...
A model to show this is ...
This is a mixture because is
shows the particles...
This is a pure substance because
it shows the particles ...
My model shows ...
Lesson 5: Distillation
Separation, mixture, liquid,
condense, evaporate
Sentence starters:
The kind of substances can be
separated using distillation are...
During distillation the first
thing that happens is ...
Distillation can be used in real
life for ...
These diagrams show that...
If I were on a desert island I
would ...
Lesson 2: Identifying
Keywords: mixture, pure
substance, particle,
Sentence starters:
This is a mixture because...
This is a pure substance because...
To demonstrate whether the new
substance is a pure substance or
mixture I would...
My diagrams show the differences
between mixtures and pure
substances because ...
The most important mixture is ...
I think this because ...
The most important pure substance
is ...
I think this because ...
Lesson 6: Separating
Keywords: magnet, tweezers,
filter, evaporate, soluble,
insoluble, solid, liquid,
Sentence starters:
This technique works by ...
To separate .... from .... the
technique I would use would be ...
I would use this technique
Also the other techniques would
not work because...
Lesson 3: Dissolving
Dissolve, sugar,
salt, sand, water,
Sentence starters:
When I.... I saw that ...
The substances that were soluble
/ not soluble in water were...
The factors that affect solubility
are ...
These affect solubility by ...
I think increasing the
temperature will...
I think this because ...
Lesson 4:
ink, dissolve, solvent, solute,
solution, chromatogram, water
Sentence starters:
We made a chromatogram by
first... Then we ...
In chromatography a mixture will ...
However, a pure substance will...
Chromatography works by the ...
I think the crime pen was ...
I think this because ...
The chromatogram showed this by
I think Iodine can be used to show
fingerprints because ...
I think this would work by ...
Lesson 7: Separating rock salts APP Planning
Keywords: equipment, risk, variable, fair test, control, range
hypothesis, method, investigation, experiment
Sentence starters:
The equipment I will use is ... I will use .... to ...
A risk in the experiment is ... I will manage this risk by
To make it a fair test I will need to control ...
I will control these variables by ...
First I will ... Then I will...
My plan will test the hypothesis because ...
The range of data is ...
This was chosen because ...
This range of data will test the hypothesis because ...
Holgate School
iteracy mat
My Work
Can I write in paragraphs?
Can I use different
sentence types?
I am proud of my work because...
I use connectives in each paragraph
to link my ideas and to put them in a
logical order.
Can I spell accurately?
Sound out the word
Think about a similar word
Find the word in a Key words list
Ask a friend or teacher
To learn it: look, cover, write ,
Once you’ve solved it, add the
correct spelling to your own word
I have written clearly so that my reader can
understand my writing easily.
I have used my literacy mat to check my
spelling and corrected any errors.
I have used full sentences with a subject and
a verb.
I have used correct punctuation and
I have paragraphed my work using TIPTOP.
My writing is suitable for the person I am
writing for.
Simple sentences: contains a subject and
a verb and can contain an object
• The nucleus (subject) is the
controller (verb) of the cell
Compound sentences: joins two simple
sentences using the connectives: for, and,
nor, but, or, yet, so.
Tissues are lots of similar cells working
together and organs are different tissues
working together to perform a function.
Complex sentences: A complex sentence
contains a conjunction such as because,
since, after, although, or when .
A heart is classed as an organ, because it
has different tissues working together to
perform a function.
Can I use Punctuation and Grammar?
for punctuation and grammar:
Every sentence must start with a capital letter.
Every sentence must finish with some form of punctuation: .?!
Proper nouns need capital letters. These are unique people, places or things e.g. there are many cities so
‘city’ doesn’t take a capital letter. However there is only one London, therefore it takes a capital letter.
 Remember don’t mix up ‘was’ and ‘were.’ For example ‘I was (singular)’ and ‘We were (plural)’