Matter, Pure Substances, & Mixtures Quiz Review

Matter, Pure Substance, and Mixtures Quiz Review?
1. What is particle theory/what does particle theory state?
2. What are the 3 main states of matter? Describe them (How do particles behave for each and what does
that look like?
3. What is the difference between a pure substance and a mixture?
4. What are the two types of mixtures? Provide a definition for both.
5. What is a homogenous mixture?
6. What is a heterogeneous mixture?
7. Be able to identify pure substances and mixtures when given items
8. Be able to identify solutions and mechanical mixtures when given items.
9. What is solubility?
10. What is a solute?
11. What is a solvent?
12. Be able to identify solutes and solvent when given items.
13. What is concentration?
14. What is a saturated solution?
15. What is an unsaturated solution?
16. What is a supersaturated solution? How does that happen?
17. What factors affect dissolving? Describe the effect.