Green Games Guidelines for Community Directors:
Residential Green Games is an environmental competition that seeks to promote sustainable
education in the fifteen campus housing communities. With almost 4,500 students living in the
dorms, Green Games has immense potential to instill sustainable behavioral change via
competition. A close relationship between community directors and the UNC Office of Waste
Reduction and Recycling is essential for success. To make participation easier, we’ve compiled
some guidelines to lead your community to a Green Games victory!
Suggestions include:
Assemble team of GG coordinators to lead your community to victory (typically 1 RA
with option for collaboration with LLC and RHA)
Organize initial meeting between, GG coordinators, and RHA representatives, LLC and
anyone else interested in collaboration
Encourage your staff to plan sustainability-themed programming* and submit the
program forms online in a timely manner
Establish a “Green Games” mailbox for your GG coordinator in the front office where
coordinator can collect attendance sheets and program forms for submission
Disseminate competition statistics to RA staff and community to increase the
excitement surrounding competition
Allow GG coordinator time to update group at staff meetings
Recognize the GG coordinator for their hard work
Check-in with GG coordinator to ensure accountability and provide a support system
Communicate with OWRR staff periodically with progress, help with programming
ideas, feedback, etc.
Emphasize the importance of competition to lead your team to victory
Invite OWRR to conduct a green events training for your staff
*Sustainability-themed programming can relate to:
Recycling, waste reduction, public transportation, energy, agriculture, water, compost,
climate change, sustainability at UNC, and/or green architecture.
Green Games Timeline for Community Directors:
This timeline is a simple, easy-to-use checklist that, if followed, will give your community a
good shot at winning the 2011-2012 Green Games Competition!
1. Assemble a team of GG coordinators. At least one person should be a member of your
RA staff.
2. Invite OWRR to do a Green Events certification at your staff meeting.
3. Plan the first meeting with your GG team to discuss strategy.
4. Attend the first monthly GG meeting.
5. Highlight and recognize the extra effort Green Game RAs put into the job by slipping
notes in their mailboxes and celebrating their achievements in staff meetings.
6. Check-in with your GG team to assess their progress and offer support
7. Expect an email from the OWRR requesting an update on your team’s progress thus far.
-Winter Break January
8. Reinvigorate the competitive spirit and announce GG standings after the holiday break.
9. Encourage GG team to submit videos for the YouTube contest.
10. Make the final push! GG ends the last week of March.
11. Attend the GG awards ceremony with your GG team and any other residents that were
essential to the year’s success.
12. Promote Tar Heel Treasure.

Green Games Guidelines for Community Directors: Residential