Office of Collaborative Science (OCS)
The NYULMC RNAi Core, under the direction of Dr. Chi Yun, is a state-of-the-art shared
resource for biomedical researchers. The RNAi Core staff members develop and provide their
knowledge and expertise to the NYULMC research community in a broad variety of applications
related to RNAi, automation, high-throughput and high-content screening, and cell-based assay
development. They work closely with investigators to define optimal experimental design,
develop and maintain standards for all service procedures and troubleshooting, and provide
guidance and service in data management and analysis.
The Research Associate will conduct independent research under the mentorship of the Director
RNAi Core and will work independently in the operation of all the resources available. S/He
will be responsible for performing a variety of cell-based assays to provide high quality resource
support including method development and implementation of new procedures.
Duties and Responsibilities
Scientific and Operational
 Demonstrates knowledge of the organization’s core values and incorporates them into the
performance of duties.
 Coordinates the repair and preventive maintenance of lab equipment
 Independently operates highly specialized equipment and instrumentation in the RNAi
Core shared resource laboratory.
 Performs experiments for assay optimization as well as experiements using established
protocols and procedures.
 Develops Standard Research Protocols and records results of experiments
Contribute to experimental design and execution of multiple experiments
Contributes to QC analysis and analytical processing to generate high quality data for
further analysis and interpretation.
Ensures timely and accurate completion of research projects and data delivery
Prepares figures and diagrams for presentations and publications.
Communicates results and collaborates with other professionals in the lab.
Demonstrates a significant level of intellectual input into the design of the project.
Presents findings at lab meeting, responds to challenges, and participates in exchanges of ideas to
advance the science.
Reads and understands relevant scientific literature.
Participates in the editing and proofing of grant proposals, annual grant reports, and manuscripts
for publication and recommends modifications to the Principal Investigator.
After a period of time working in the laboratory, the candidate will be expected to train graduate
students and post-doctoral fellows in experimental design, technique and performance.
Office of Collaborative Science (OCS)
Transfection optimization of dsRNA/siRNA/miRNA and co-transfection for a variety of Drosophila and
mammalian cell types
Developing standard research protocols for cytotoxicity/cell viability, reporter assays, cell morphology,
and other assays for high-throughput screening using plate readers and high content microscope.
Standardizing workflow for data import, normalization, analysis, and hierarchy of screening positives.
The candidate will spend approximately 25% effort on lab management and organization, including
ordering supplies, stocking reagents and maintaining lab databases.
REQUIREMENTS: College graduate with a B.S. or B.A. in Biomedical or Physical Sciences.
Experience developing cell-based assays is required.

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