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Seattle, WA 98104
Job Opening:
Associate Scientist/Scientist, Assay Development and Cell Based Screening
Job Description:
Theraclone is seeking an Associate Scientist/Scientist in the Assay Development/Screening group. Position level will be
determined by experience of candidate.
Optimal candidate should have more than 5 years of research Biotechnology experience, with demonstrated
skills including developing and running cell-based assays including antibody binding, multi-color Flow Cytometry,
plate-based and live-cell based ELISA development and Mammalian cell culture experience including good sterile
technique, experience bulking and cryopreserving cell lines.
Ability to work independently in researching literature, technologies in regards to development, optimization
and analysis of complex biological assays is desired. Ability to curate and present generated data independently
is expected.
More advanced level candidates will be expected to independently identify new technologies and assay
methodologies applicable to antibody discovery and Immune cell biology and Immuno-oncology.
Advanced experience handling large, complex biological data sets is desired.
Ability to multi-task among multiple projects, and positive interactions with project leaders and other project
members is critical.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
 Designing, performing high throughput cell based biological assays with an emphasis on antibody binding to live
cells in a Multiplexed Flow assay.
 Following currently developed Assay protocols including Plate-based ELISA, Flow Cytometry binding, cell-based
functional assays, and cell culture including bulking and providing cells for large screening campaigns.
 Curate, analyze and present large multiplex data sets with Excel templates, Macros, XLFit, Graphpad Prizm,
Flow-based programs including FlowJo.
 Basic skills with lab/assay automation equipment would be preferred.
 Interaction with the Assay Screening group, MolBio group and Protein Science group.
Qualification Requirements:
 BS/BA or Masters Degree with Biotech focus or equivalent in a relevant scientific discipline.
 A minimum 5 years of related academic or industry experience in a research/development environment with
emphasis on protein/antibody cell-based assays, human cell systems and sterile cell culture.
 Experienced cell-based assay skill set, with increasing independence and responsibilities in successful assay
design, execution and analysis.
 Knowledge and experience in the correct handling of hazardous and bio hazardous substances.
 Advanced computer proficiency including the use of spreadsheet and word processing software, such as
Microsoft Word and Excel.
 Ability to work with co-workers and outside agencies professionally and tactfully.
Theraclone offers a team-oriented, stimulating work environment. Competitive compensation, benefits and stock
options are offered.
Please email your resume with cover letter to [email protected]
Theraclone Sciences is an equal opportunity employer