12th English - Personal Essay “Creation Myth”

12th English - Personal Essay “Creation Myth”
Prompt: “All artists, writers among them, have several stories—one might call
them creation myths—that haunt and obsess them” (Danticat 5).
 What is one of your “creation myths,” a moment that haunts and obsesses
you? This may be a moment in your own life, or, like Danticat, it may be a
historical moment that continues to impact you.
 Attempt to analyze why this is one of your creation myths – how does this
image/story define part of your identity? What conclusions do you draw
about the importance of this image/story in your life/identity? What
background do we need to know about you or the story in order to more
fully understand it?
 Are there any connections you make to
literature/art/media/philosophy/history, etc. that help you better
understand this creation myth?
HW: Write a Rough Draft of your personal essay “Creation Myth” 2 pages
minimum to start!