The BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Society presents:
21st Annual
BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival
Keeping Ukrainian Culture Alive
6303 – 187A Street
Surrey BC V3S 7N9
[email protected]
November 2015
We invite you to join us for our 21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival being held 7th May 2016 at the
Clarke Foundation Theatre, Mission BC.
Whether you are taking in the bright colours and music of the largest Ukrainian dance competition in the
province; browsing the various vendors, listening to the live entertainment or enjoying some perogies and
kobbassa, there really is something for all the family.
Attracting competitors and visitors from all corners of BC and Washington State, this truly is a festival not to
be missed.
We have attached the Festival terms and conditions (T&C’s), and we ask that you please take the time to
consider these when registering. Also attached is a list of local hotels to the Festival as well as directions for
your convenience.
As part of your registration, volunteer hours may be required by each dance group such as: time at the Hot
Dog Stand, Security in Change Area, or Children’s Activity Area. Your group will be advised of the number of
people and hours assigned.
If you have any questions at all in regards to the Festival please do not hesitate to contact us via email at
[email protected] or via our website at
We look forward to seeing you for another great BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival.
Glenna Nychyporuk
BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Society
[email protected]
1. Dance group submission package
1.1. A submission package must be a hard copy delivered to BCUCFS to 6303 187A Street, Surrey, BC V3S 7N9
1.2. The submission package must include the following:
1.2.1. A fully completed ‘Official Dance Entry Form’ for each entry submission.
1.2.2. A cheque or money order payable to ‘BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Society’ for the total entry fee.
1.3. All dance entry forms remain the property of BCUCFS.
1.4. Dance entry submission closes on 1st March prior to the Festival.
1.5. Aside from the submission package, a brief write-up of your dance group and a separate participant list of all
members registering for the Festival (for use in the program) must be emailed to: [email protected]
2. Participant Eligibility
2.1. All entries are open to amateur and semi-professional dancers only. In this instance an amateur or semi-professional
is defined as an individual whose primary income is not derived from the performing or instructing
2.2. Instructors are not permitted to participate in any entry they instruct.
2.3. The stated age of all competitors shall be of 1st March of the current year. Date of Birth (DOB) must be listed on
relevant entry form(s).
3. Dance Entries
3.1. All dance selections must be of Ukrainian origin.
3.2. Ukrainian costumes must be worn by all participants (boots are optional).
3.3. Dance entries must contain three (3) or more participants. We do not accept duet or solo entries.
3.4. Categories are determined by the average age of an entry. Ages of .5 are rounded up.
3.4.1.A dance group may only have one (1) entry under the ‘18-21’ age group
3.4.2. A dance group may only have one (1) entry under the ’22 & Over’ age group
3.5. Timing will begin upon the music commencing and will end upon either the completion of the music or the dancer(s)
leaving the stage. If the time limit is exceeded, marks will be deducted at the adjudicator’s discretion. The following
time limits are to be followed:
3.5.1. ‘Age 10 & under’: 3 minutes,
3.5.2. ‘Age 11 – 18’: 4 minutes,
3.5.3. ‘Character’: 4 minutes,
3.5.4. ‘Hopak’ and ‘Pryvit’: 8 minutes,
3.5.5. ’19 – 21’ and ‘22 & over’: 5 minutes.
3.6. Substitution of participant is only permitted if the replacement does not affect a change in the age category of the
3.7. All entries must remain in the category as registered or withdraw from competition. For example; If a mixed group
member is absent and therefore the group consists of all female competitors, the entry will remain in the mixed
group category. If this is to happen, please advise a member of backstage crew so that the adjudicator will be
4. Fees
4.1. A fee of $5.00 per competitor per entry is due at time of entry form submission.
4.2. A fee of $10.00 per additional coat rack required.
4.3. A late fee of $150.00 will be charged for a Submission Package received after the stated deadline for competition
submissions. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after 5 March.
4.4. There will be a $25.00 charge on all non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheques.
4.5. All fees are in Canadian Dollars.
21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Festival
5. Music Submission
5.1. All music must be submitted in MP3 format to [email protected]
5.2. Music files must be labelled with the following information: “[Entry Number] – [Dance group] – [Name of Music]”
5.3. The deadline for music submission is 20th March. Entry numbers will be provided prior to this date
5.4. No music will be shared. All music files will be destroyed after the day of the festival.
5.5. Music must be submitted ready to be played. BCUCFS will not make alterations to the sound file.
6. Competition Scoring
6.1. Gold medals are awarded to scores of 90 % and above
6.2. Silver medals are awarded to scores of no less than 80% and no more than 89%
6.3. Bronze medals are awarded to scores of no less than 70% and no more than 79%.
7. Trophies
7.1. All trophies remain the property of BCUCFS
7.2. All trophies are awarded based upon an independent adjudicator’s marks
7.3. Trophies are to be returned to BCUCFS no later than 15 March prior to the following year’s Festival.
7.4. Recipients are financially responsible for the following:
7.4.1. Plate engraving and mounting
7.4.2. Return of trophy to BCUCFS
7.4.3. Replacement trophy if lost or damaged
7.4.4. Repairs to any damage as seen fit by BCUCFS
7.5. Recipients are responsible for a trophy from the time it is awarded to the dance group until the time it is either:
7.5.1. Returned to BCUCFS or
7.5.2. Delivered to another dance group upon a trophy being shared
7.6. In the event of a trophy being shared, the trophy will be shared amongst dance groups equally.
7.6.1. Dance groups are responsible for the arrangement of transfer of trophy
7.7. The following trophies will be awarded for the respective category on the day of the Festival
 Andreas Founder Trophy – Highest mark in Hopak category
 BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Society Trophy – Highest mark in Pryvit category
 Boris and Savelia Stasiuk Family Trophy – Highest mark in the Volyn region
 Dr Josef Oleskow Trophy in Memory of Ivan & Anna Halkow Families – Highest mark in the 22 and
over category
 Fraser Valley Ukrainian Cultural Society Trophy – Highest mark for mixed group, age 14 and under
 Gordon Yakimow Trophy – Highest mark by group of 5 or more, age 10 and under
 Harry and Annie Michaluk Memorial Trophy – Highest mark in the mixed group Hutsul category
 Isidore and Anne Goresky Memorial Trophy – Highest mark in the Transcarpathian region
 Lark Consultants International Inc. donated by Len and Maggie Arychuk – Highest mark for boys
group, age 11 and up
 Peter Arychuk Memorial Trophy – Highest mark in Bukovenian region
 Sam and Martha Lebedovich Trophy – Highest mark in the Poltava region (excluding Hopak and Pryvit)
 Sergiy Minenok Memorial Trophy – Highest mark in the Polissian region
 Tropak Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Society – Highest mark in a character dance
 Ukrainian Club of Abbotsford Association Trophy – Highest mark in a Girls Group, age 10 and under
21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Festival
Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association (TYC), Surrey Branch – Highest mark for boys group, age 10 and
 Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, Olha Kobylianska, Surrey Branch – Highest mark for girls
group Poltava region
8. Festival Procedures
All competitors and instructors are to enter the facility via the Participant Entrance
Participants and instructors are to report to the sign in table located near the Participant Entrance to sign in
and receive a hand stamp
Instructors will receive a sign in package which will contain all receipts, one (1) program, and tickets for a hot
dog and drink for each participant
Only those assistants whose names appear on the list previously submitted (to [email protected]) by
the Instructor or Dance School Designate to will be permitted access to change room area. Assistants are to pay
their entry fee and then report to Participant sign in to receive a wrist band which will allow access to change
room area
Each dance group will be assigned an area within the change room
Coat racks will be provided for each dance group to a ratio of one (1) coat rack per ten (10) dancers. Additional
coat racks are available at $10.00 per coat rack. All coat rack requests must be submitted at time of entry
Participants must be ready to perform and report to a backstage member of staff fifteen (15) minutes prior to
the allocated time
No late entry may perform once a category has been adjudicated
Walkthroughs and practices of dances is permitted only in designated areas
Instructors are not permitted to communicate with their entries during performances. This can result in
disqualification. An exception is made for categories aged 6 and under
Instructors are only permitted to collect adjudication sheets upon completion of each award presentation.
Adjudication sheets may contain comments from adjudicator.
Audio of the adjudication will be provided by email in the weeks following the Festival
Instructors are to ensure their dancers are dressed appropriately when leaving the change room areas
All protests are to be made in writing to the Secretary before the end of May, along with a $10.00 fee. This fee
is refundable upon a successful protest
9. Theatre Rules
Spectators must remain seated during each performance
Spectators are not to be permitted to enter and exit the theatre during a performance unless for an
emergency situation
No food or drink is permitted in the theatre at any time
There is to be no flash photography during performances
Videotaping is to be made of your own dance group only
No dancer is to leave the stage via the front, nor is any spectator permitted access to the stage
10. Admission
10.1. Admission prices are set as follows: Adults - $8.00, Youth (6 – 18) - $5.00, Children 5 and under - $1.00
10.2. All non-participating attendees will be charged an admission fee.
11. Miscellaneous
21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Festival
BCUCFS reserves the right to request any individual or group of persons to leave the theatre and or/ Festival
venue at any time
Registering to participate in the BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival and/or purchasing a ticket affirms your
consent to the filming, sound recording, or photographing of yourself as a participant and/or member of our
21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Hotels
The following is a list of hotels with the area which have been used previously by dance group attending the BC
Ukrainian Cultural Festival.
We are unable to book blocks of rooms for dance groups and so urge you to book rooms as soon as possible in
order to avoid missing out. The area hosts various events at the same time as our Festival.
Best Western Hotel – Mission
32281 Lougheed Hwy V2V 1A3
604-820-5500 1-888-552-5542
Coast Hotel – Abbotsford
2020 Sumas Way V2S 2C7
604-853-1880 1-877-853-1880
Super 8 Hotel – Abbotsford
1881 Sumas Way V2S 4L5
604-853-1141 1-800-663-9842
Best Western Motel – Abbotsford
1821 Sumas Way V2S 4L5
604-859-1341 1-800-937-8376
Ramada Hotel – Abbotsford
36035 North Parallel Road
V3G 2C6
21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Directions
The 21st Annual British Columbia Ukrainian Cultural Festival is to take place at The Clarke Foundation Theatre
on May 7th 2016.
Full Address
The Clarke Foundation Theatre at Heritage Park Secondary School
33700 Prentis Street
V2V 2J7
Directions from Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway)
Take exit 92 (BC Hwy 11 Mission/USA Border)
Keep right for BC Hwy 11 N/Abbotsford/Mission
Follow BC Hwy 11 N signs for Mission
Cross Mission Bridge
Take exit BC Hwy 7 E (immediately after bridge)
Merge onto Horne Street, turn left to remain on Horne Street
Take first right up over the bridge onto Murray Street
Take first right onto 1 Ave/Lougheed Highway/BC 7 E (Signs for Agassiz/Harrison)
Turn left onto Stave Lake Street
Turn right onto Prentis Avenue
The venue is on the right hand side
Directions from Highway 7 (Lougheed Highway)
Turn onto Stave Lake Street
Turn right onto Prentis Avenue
The venue is on the right hand side
21st Annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Directions

19th Annual British Columbia Ukrainian Cultural Festival