Q7 Festivals

Question 7.
Large music festivals are an established part
of the summer season and attract thousands
of young people to attend. You have been
asked to submit a proposal for a new festival
in your area, which will hopefully become an
annual event.
• After some research based on festivals that interest
you, choose a suitable name for the new festival and
prepare, with sketches and other visual forms, a
presentation of your ideas for the event and a more
detailed response in the form of an outcome, for one
of the following:• Design and produce an A3 poster or artwork to
promote the festival, with consideration to the style of
music the bands will be playing.
• Design and make or decorate a flag or pair of wellies to
make you stand out in a festival crowd.
Look at: www.thefestivalcalendar.co.uk for a list of
existing festivals.
Indoor metal and rock festival featuring 50
acts, six arenas over 2 days
Wellie designs
Festival flags and banners