Dance for Health - Netter Center for Community Partnerships

Dance for Health:
Increasing Activity in the
Sayre High School Community
Julia Golden, MSN student
Emily Watts, BSN student
"I love dance night
because I love to dance and it is nice having you all
here to take our heart rates"
Pre-Dance Measurements
“Measuring height is really the best, quick
indication of the health of children.”
~ Terri Lipman, Faculty Advisor
"Yes, we do line dancing in other places. But I can tell
you this is different than regular line dancing,
because you do things like take our blood pressure;
because you are interested in our health. That is the
main thing we are concerned about, being
interested in our health."
- Mildred Johnson
"I can move and shake and after this I am going to take
one of our instructor's classes"
"I like when the
nursing students
are here to take our
heartrates. It makes
me feel like people
really care about my
Post-Dance Activities
Educational Classes
Helping Philadelphia Families
Invest in Themselves