National Junior Honor Society Community Service and Scholarship


Keyport Central Schools

National Junior Honor Society

Community Service, Scholarship and Citizenship Contract

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) recognizes and encourages the development of academic achievement, citizenship, leadership, service and character. Community Service is a required activity of all NJHS members. It is a means of demonstrating the acceptance of the responsibilities of demonstrating strong citizenship, building good character, developing leadership skills, and increasing civic involvement.

Community Service is best defined as any activity through an organization or company whose impact is felt within the community. Members of the Keyport

Central School Chapter of the NJHS are required to complete Community Service.

Community Service projects conducted during the NJHS meetings will count toward the required hours.

As a member of NJHS you will need to complete your NJHS Community Service Log.

This is to be filled in as you complete your service hours.

As a member of NJHS, I, _________________________________________, agree to:

(Please Print First and Last Name)

 complete the designated hours of Community Service (15 hours) by May 15,

2015 as a part of my contribution to the community and in the fulfillment of the

National Junior Honor Society requirement;

 maintain a cumulative GPA of 93.0 or higher;

 attend all scheduled meetings.

Student Signature _____________________________________

Parent Signature _____________________________________

Date _____________________________________

Please return this signed NJHS contract to Mrs. Andrews