National Junior Honor Society Agenda for Tuesday, September 15

National Junior Honor Society Agenda for Tuesday, September 15, 2015
I. Call to Order/Attendance/Introduce Advisors
a. Please initial under the proper date next to their name on the
attendance sheet.
b. Please write the last name of your 4th hour teacher in the last column
next to your name.
c. Advisor: Mrs. Tramel, rm 113 (across from lunch room exit).
II. Purpose of NJHS
a. You were selected based on behavior, character, and academics.
b. GPA criteria: 3.5 GPA or above with no D’s or F’s on semester report card.
Any D’s or F’s on semester report cards will revoke your NJHS membership.
c. Any D’s or F’s or GPA falling below 3.5 on 6 week grading periods will result
in probationary action for the following 6 week grading period and resulting
in revocation of membership if GPA criteria has not been met by the next
grading period.
d. Detention: You cannot have more that two detentions per semester; three
or more will put you on probation.
e. You can will be placed on probation if your grades and behavior are not
where they should be.
III. Officers
a. Positions: president, vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary, and 2
i. Have petitions signed/turned in by Wednesday, September 30.
ii. Have a speech prepared for the meeting November 17 (no longer than
2 minutes).
iii. Officers will have additional meetings, tentatively scheduled:
b. Packets: roles, parent permission, code of ethics, and petition. Packets are
due: Wednesday, September 30. Turn packets in to Mrs. Tramel, room 113.
IV. Attendance
a. There will be about 5 meetings and 2 events throughout the year. You may
not miss any more than 2. If you do not attend meetings regularly, you may
be placed on probation.
b. IF you miss a meeting, come see Mrs. Tramel, room 113, as soon as possible.
NJHS Meeting Dates:
Regular meetings will be held in the library during Tiger Time.
 September 15
 November 17
 January 12
 March 22
 March 29
Induction will be held in the Upper Gym at 6:00 p.m. (practice 6th and 7th hours)
 March 31
NJHS annual trip:
 Saturday, April 30
ALTERNATE NJHS annual trip:
 Saturday, May 7
V. Service Hours
a. How many? At least 3 events per year
b. What counts? Concession stands, babysitting, summer activities, churchrelated activities, Boy/Girl Scouts, JS2S, Student Council, etc. . .
i. We can’t provide every activity possible, so you will need to think of
other activities you can participate in.
ii. When you participate in a service activity, you will need to get a form
from one of the NJHS advisors. On the form, you will explain the
service activity, what day it took place, and get a signature from a
VI. Other questions?
VII. Adjourn back to class