National Junior Honor Society
Application Process
What is NJHS?
 “National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society
(NJHS) are the nation's premier organizations established to
recognize outstanding high school and middle level students. More
than just an honor roll, NHS and NJHS serve to honor those
students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of
Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. These
characteristics have been associated with membership in the
organization since their beginnings in 1921 and 1929.”
 “Today, it is estimated that more than one million students
participate in activities of the NHS and NJHS. NHS and NJHS
chapters are found in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto
Rico, many U.S. Territories, and Canada. Chapter membership not
only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges
them to develop further through active involvement in school
activities and community service.”
Do I have to do this?
Why should I??
 NJHS is an OPTIONAL organization. You may CHOOSE
to apply or not apply.
 You SHOULD apply because….
 It is a great way to give back to your community.
 It will look great on your college applications.
 Honor Society helps you build qualities that will help you
develop as adults.
 Because of your high grade point average (3.5 or
above), you are qualified to apply.
 If you choose to apply and are accepted, you must
maintain that high average. (Otherwise, you will be
put on probation or released.)
Now that you have made it this far, you must APPLY to
NJHS. Here’s how…
How do I apply?
 First, go to the NJHS blog (the address is written on
the letter you are receiving today). Download the
application and fill it out in FULL. Incomplete
applications will not be considered.
 Turn in your completed applications by MAY 1 to Ms.
Mather or Mrs. Sulzer.
Application Section 1: CommunityBased Activities (community service)
 For this section of the application, you will be listing
activities which involve the following:
 both time and effort on your part and
 serve a need of the community.
Community Service
YES – This IS considered
community service
NO – This is NOT considered
community service.
 Volunteering at the SPCA
 Volunteering at a soup kitchen
 Tutoring a child on a consistent
 Raking your neighbor’s leaves
 Singing in your church choir
 Donating money
 Helping your friend with her
homework once
 Receiving payment for helping
out a neighbor
Section 2: Leadership
 On this section of the application, you will list
leadership positions you have held since starting
sixth grade
 You will also explain what you learned/gained
from your experience as a leader.
Leadership Continued
Yes – This is considered
Student government, club
Sports captains/leaders,
Faith-based group positions
School dance promoter
Youth group fundraiser
NO - This is NOT considered
 Membership on a team
 Raising your hand in class
 Doing a presentation in
Leadership Continued
(how to fill out the application)
Name of Activity
SCA dance committee
Youth Group
Leadership Position
school dance promoter
fundraiser organizer
Date of Start
September 2012
December 2012
Sponsor’s Initials
Pick one of the leadership positions you listed above.
Name of position: school dance promoter
What actions have you taken to help make your organization better?
We wanted to make Tuckahoe’s first dance a success. We learned that if we had lots of good prizes
at the dance more students would come. We got some businesses to donate good prizes like Panera
gift cards and movie tickets. It was a lot of work because I had to also keep up with my homework.
On the weekends I visited businesses to ask for prizes. Most of the businesses helped a lot. If you
really want to make something a success and you stay organized, you can do it.
What have you learned about leadership?
When I helped promote the dances, I learned about working in a group, giving other people
responsibility, and staying organized. It helped me be a better leader because now I’m not afraid to
ask for things.
Section 3: Teacher
Recommendations (Citizenship)
 You must get TWO teacher recommendations.
 You will give these forms TO the teachers whom you
would like to recommend you.
 You may ask a current teacher or a teacher from last year
(so 6th graders CAN ask their 5th grade teachers).
 The TEACHER will turn them in to the appropriate person.
 Be sure to LIST the names of the two teachers you will be
asking to fill out the form for you on your application.
Citizenship Continued
Excessive detentions and/or administrative referrals
may prohibit your eligibility.
Any felonies will prohibit your eligibility.
The bottom line – Be a good citizen in and out of school.
Section 4: Essay
 You will be asked to complete an essay as part of your
application. The essay will be completed AT SCHOOL
on APRIL 23.
 You will be allowed to use your computer or hand
write your essay.
 The prompt will be given at that time. You will have
60 minutes to complete this essay.
Essay Pointers
Begin with an interesting hook.
Use vivid and specific details to support your ideas.
Organize your ideas.
Be sure to keep the essay prompt in mind and stay focused
on that topic.
Wrap up your ending. End powerfully.
Leave time to proofread.
Keep your eye on the clock. This IS timed so pace yourself.
Be neat.
Section 5: Letter of
 You will attach ONE signed letter of recommendation from one
of your coaches, club sponsors or activity directors mentioned in
sections 1 or 2. These should be enclosed in a sealed envelope.
 We are looking for evidence of character; trustworthiness,
respect, responsibility, fairness, and caring.
 It is your responsibility to contact, follow-up, get the letter and
attach it to your application.
 The letter may not be written by a regular classroom teacher
unless he/she is also the sponsor or coach of one of your
Letter of Recommendation
 The letter may not be written by a relative.
 PLEASE be considerate and allow your coaches and
sponsors a few days to write your letter of
 You may want to contact more than one person in the
event a coach or sponsor fails to write your letter of
recommendation in a timely manner.
Sign the Disclosure!
 At the end of the application, you will need to SIGN
(yes, that means cursive) the disclosure before you
turn it in.
 Your parent/guardian will also need to SIGN.
 Basically, this states that you understand that there is
no guarantee that you will be selected for
membership, that the information in the application is
true, and that you understand the requirements for
remaining a member in good standing.
Putting it all together…
 Be sure to hand out the two teacher recommendation
forms by April 23.
 Be sure to get your letter of recommendation early.
 Remember to show up for the essay on April 23. If
you are absent on this day, be sure to contact us
 Print out your COMPLETED application.
 Staple the letter of recommendation to the back.
 Turn in to Ms. Mather or Mrs. Sulzer by May 1.
When is all this DUE?
MAY 1