Proposal for Dean*s Excellence Awards

Proposal for Dean’s Excellence Awards
Currently UTM has one decanally administered and adjudicated award for undergraduate
academic excellence: the Dean’s Essay Prize. The Dean struck a committee in 2009 to explore
possibilities for other awards to recognize the range of academic projects and avenues that our
students can pursue as part of their coursework and identified the following 4 awards. Please note
that, in each case, nominations must be reviewed by the chair who will decide which will be
submitted to the Dean. In each category, the department can nominate up to four pieces of work
per year.
Writing Excellence Award: to be awarded to a student on the basis of writing excellence in a
course. Papers of 2000 words or more on any subject are eligible, including, but not limited to
critical essays, research papers, and theses. Creative writing is not eligible but will be considered
for a separate award (see below). Students will be nominated by their instructors, who will be
expected to complete a form outlining the rationale for the nomination.
Research Excellence Award: to be awarded to a student on the basis on research excellence.
Students enrolled in research-intensive courses (i.e. the Research Opportunity Program; senior
project classes; independent research courses, advanced laboratory courses) are eligible.
Nominations will be judged on the basis of excellence in research, including the independence,
rigour, creativity, and overall performance of the student. Nominators should submit a form
outlining their rationale, as well as any other pertinent information, including papers written by
the student or a chronicle of his/her activities.
Award for Excellence in Creative Activity: to be awarded to a student who has exhibited
excellence in creative activities in their programs, including, but not limited to the production of
first-rate visual or digital art or media, high achievement in the dramatic arts (i.e. directing,
acting), and creative writing. Instructions should submit a nomination form and a sample of the
work: for dynamic work, i.e. performances or digital media, a sample of the work of not more than
10 minutes should be submitted.
Award for Excellence in Experiential Learning: to be awarded to a student engaged in
experiential learning (i.e. field courses; internships; practicum) who has exemplified extraordinary
intellectual or professional growth and/or made a distinguished contribution to the community or
worksite. The nomination package for this award will include a statement from the instructor, and
should be supplemented with testimony from people who have worked with the student, clients in
the community, and any other records that capture the way in the student’s performance was
The deadline for submissions of nominations will be:
January 20, 2012: for summer 2011 and fall 2011 courses
April 20, 2012: for winter 2012 and “Y” courses
Notification of the awards will be sent out at the beginning and towards the end of each term.
Awards will have an amount of $500; students receiving an honourable mention will receive a
gift certificate