Momentum 2015 Awards Leaflet

Youth Achievement Awards
Momentum 2015 recognises the positive influence that young people can have upon their
peers, as well as the outstanding contribution they can make to their communities, be they
local, national or international. For the second year at Momentum 2015 we will like to invite
nominations for the two awards in the following categories:
Community Achievement Award
Stay Inspired Achievement Award
About the Awards:
The Community Achievement Award
Helping others to achieve a positive outcome brings its own rewards – namely feeling good
about oneself – however at Momentum 2015 we want to share knowledge of the good
work young people selflessly do and are seeking nominations from organisations such as
schools, community and youth organisations, charities, as well as individuals.
If you know a young person who you think should receive a special mention for the
community work they do – be it at a local or national level, then get in touch.
The Be Inspired Achievement Award
‘Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude’ Quote by Zig Ziglar.
We’re firm believers in the quote above, which states that an individual’s success in life is
determined by their attitude, but maintaining a positive mental attitude in the face of
endless obstacles, or setbacks is not easy. However, that’s exactly what the recipient of this
award will have done.
If you know a young person that has managed to stay positive and focused in the face of
extreme challenges and who, by doing so, can act as an inspiration for other young people,
then please nominate them for this award.
Nominations must be made via the contact form below and consist of no more than 300
Terms and Conditions:
* Nominees should have been no younger than 11 at the time of their community involvement and no older than 19 on 29th
October 2015.
*Activities should have taken place between October 2014 and October 2015.