Recruitment Brochure - Opportunity Culture

Believes that every student has the potential to make large learning leaps?
Imagines schools where you can improve your teaching, year after year?
Wishes for schools where teachers have time to plan and collaborate in teams?
Dreams of salaries competitive with other professions?
Hopes to achieve excellence, help more students, and develop peers while teaching?
Aspires to be an empowered, approachable teacher-leader who is a force for positive change?
Join Us! Opportunity Culture schools are designed for you!
Opportunity Culture schools offer innovative team-based roles that allow teachers to lead from the classroom,
learn on the job, pursue teaching excellence together, and earn significantly more for reaching more students. All
roles are funded sustainably at the school level, rather than with temporary grants. If you are committed to high
standards of excellence, teamwork, and student impact, join us! Roles include:
Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL): A consistently excellent teacher and approachable leader who . . .
 Leads a team of teachers and other staff responsible for multiple classrooms
 Establishes each team member’s roles and goals and determines how students spend time
 Assigns roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, knowledge, and professional development goals
 Plans collaboratively and improves instruction with the team to meet student needs
 Teaches some of the team’s students directly, with a schedule that frees time for team leadership, too
 Takes full accountability for the learning and development of all students taught by the team
 In some locations, may lead larger teams for more pay after leading smaller teams with strong outcomes
Direct Extended-Reach Teacher: A teacher who . . .
 Works on a teaching team that reaches at least 33% more students than a typical team of the same size,
or reaches more students directly with the help of a paraprofessional teammate
 Uses blended learning, extra teaching assistant support, and/or elementary subject specialization
 Plans, prepares, and delivers instruction with high expectations and targeted approaches for all students
 Collaborates at school with teammates to monitor student progress and ensure learning for all
 Has more time for planning and learning on the job
 Some locations may have a career progression from effective team-teacher roles to advanced, higherpaid roles. Advanced roles typically require high-progress student outcomes, advanced planning skills,
and prior differentiation experience for a variety of students. Advanced-role teachers may mentor
teammates informally. The highest-level roles may require more years of proven excellence.
See our district’s website for application instructions!
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About Opportunity Culture
To provide all students with excellent teaching and to help students close achievement gaps and leap ahead, our
district is supporting schools’ efforts to build an Opportunity Culture for teachers and students. Opportunity
Culture models enable schools to reach every student with excellent teachers and their teams—consistently—
while paying teachers more for their extra responsibilities, and helping all educators improve on the job and work
collaboratively. All pay is funded with reallocation of existing budgets.
New school staffing models create new roles for teachers and support staff and integrate technology to save
teachers time and help individualize instruction. The most effective teachers are responsible not only for helping
more students, but also for helping peers achieve teaching excellence, too.
Teams of administrators and teachers at each school choose and tailor their models. School teams that include
teachers decide what reallocations to make to fund higher paid roles, how to design school schedules for
collaboration at school, how fast to reach all students with excellent teaching, and other design elements.
Pioneering schools are helping the national Opportunity Culture initiative improve rapidly, and new supports for
schools are available every year. Early schools have attracted large numbers of outstanding educators committed
to creating a culture of excellence for students, teachers, and staff. Learn more at
The Opportunity Culture team supports and trains districts, schools and partners who share our commitment to
reaching every student with excellent teaching, every year, and to providing outstanding career opportunities to
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