Step 1: Preparation

Fast Pitch Training
Step 1: Preparation
These questions are designed to help you develop an effective “fast pitch” or “elevator speech”, please
thoughtfully prepare answers and bring this sheet (filled out) to the training on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.
EVENT LOCATION: Fast Pitch Training, Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 1-3pm, McKinney Ministry Center, 410
East University Avenue, (corner of Ash & University Avenue), Georgetown, Texas
A) State the mission of your organization/program in 1 sentence.
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B) Describe the programs/services/products that your organization currently provides in 3
sentences or less.
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C) Why did you personally get involved with this organization?
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D) List 10 words/short, descriptive phrases that represent your organization.
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E) If you are talking to someone who is a potential stakeholder (donor, volunteer or board
member) unfamiliar with your organization, list 3-5 needs that they have—not the needs of your
clients/recipients, but the needs of the potential stakeholder.
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F) Now describe how your organization uniquely addresses the needs you listed in “E” above.
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G) For “extra credit”: Ask 3-5 people familiar with your organization for stories that capture
the essence of your answers to Questions B, D and F combined.
116 W. 8th Street, Second Floor, Georgetown, Texas 78626
(512) 863-4186 – Phone;