Faculty Library Committee Meeting Minutes 10-10-07 Members present: Ex Officio Member present:

Faculty Library Committee Meeting Minutes 10-10-07
Members present: B. Acker, B. Brown, J. Burroughs, A. Klene, M. McHugh, S. Mills,
C. VanRoeckel, N. Vonessen
Ex Officio Member present: Dean Allen
Members absent/excused: P. Williams
The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by Chair Mills.
Minutes from 9/19/07 were approved.
The meeting dates for the rest of the semester (November 14th and December 12th)
were confirmed.
Provost Engstrom supports the inclusion of Information Literacy in General
Education. Representatives from the Library made a proposal (sent to committee
electronically) to ASCRC and as a result it charged the Writing Committee with
incorporating Information Literacy into the Writing Skills component of the General
Education Framework. Instructors of ENEX 101 currently work with librarians to
effectively integrate information literacy into assignments.
Dean Allen provided an update on the Learning Commons initiative. The handout
defined learning commons as coming together around shared learning tasks;
collaborative learning where information is turned into knowledge. The math and
writing tutoring in the library has had increase use. It offers greater visibility and
service when needed. The learning commons will be a social learning environment
for active collaborative learning in a space with library support and resources. A
group is working on the initiative as part of retention efforts and will share a draft of
the proposal with the committee.
The Library Representative Meeting is on Thursday, October 18th. There are plans
for a celebration in February signaling a change in how the library is operating that
will center on the acquisition of Patricia Goedicke’s, a Poet of some renowned,
papers. The event will provide the opportunity to talk with people about donating.
Many individuals believe the library should be centrally funded. The library
competes for donors with other campus priorities. Efforts will be made to
collaboratively build collections within departments. A copy of the quarterly
newsletter Connections that goes out to donors was provided to members.
The Library has a committee that is working on marketing and promoting the library
for greater visibility. It has been running advertisements in the Kaimin.
Communications in the library, such as the flat screen displays and display boards are
integrating campus events with Library information.
Dean Allen Outlined the Library’s “to do” list.
o New digital collections – pursuing grants
o Expanding Archives & Special Collections in the area of Environmental Land
Use and Native American Collections. There are Forestry collections that don’t
exist in digital form.
o The Library purchased a new federal search tool, “360°” that allows the search of
multiple data bases at once. It improves the ability to find information without
knowing the specific database. And the results will inform researches where they
should be looking.
o Website redesign – should be completed by the end of the academic year.
o Recruiting in Bibliographic Management Services – first search failed. Candidates
for the First-year Experience Coordinator position should be on campus at the end
of the month.
There was an inquiry about the old fashion interface used for the library catalog.
The Library is looking at alternatives to the current catalog interface. The current
program is required at the network level.
Dean Allen asked what the committee is interested in. Professor Vonessen responded
that it would be helpful to know what the Committee has accomplished in the past. It
would also be more informative to receive two – three years of data on trends and
There was a brief discussion regarding donation issues and volunteers. It takes time,
effort and supplies to process donated collections. Archives and Special Collections
has a former archivist that has volunteered to process a collection. Interns are also
utilized. Rights to publish donated collections online are negotiated with the donor.
Good and Welfare:
Curriculum items are posted for ASCRC and Graduate Council review. Library
Liaisons are welcome to take a look at the proposals as well to get an idea of the type
of new courses programs are offering. Camie will send the links to the committee.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM.