Supplement 84 (DAI Sept.-Nov. 2009)

compiled by
Joseph J. Lauer (Michigan State University)
The U.S. and Canadian theses listed were below reported in Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI), vol.
70, no. 3-5 (September-November 2009). Each citation ends with the order number, if any. American and
Canadian theses are usually available from Proquest. See UMI Dissertation Publishing at for abstracts and other details.
This is the 84th quarterly supplement to American and Canadian Doctoral Dissertations and Master's
Theses on Africa, 1974-1987 (1989). Print supplements in ASA News stopped as of July, 2009.
Chivenge-Nhamo, Pauline Paidamoyo. Exploring mechanisms by which organic and mineral nutrient
sources regulate nutrient cycling [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2008. 3350717.
Gaoue, Orou G. Assessing the impact of bark and foliage harvest on Khaya senegalensis (Meliaceae) in
Benin, West Africa. Ph.D., U. of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2008. 3351141.
Kebede, Almaz Tadesse. Sustaining the Allideghi grassland of Ethiopia: Influences of pastoralism and
vegetation change. Ph.D., Utah State U., 2009. 3352449.
Amsler, Sylvia Jennifer. Ranging behavior and territoriality in chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park,
Uganda. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2009. 3354003.
Clark, Jamie L. Testing models on the emergence and nature of modern human behavior: Middle Stone
Age fauna from Sibudu Cave (South Africa). Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2009. 3354128.
Filippi-Franz, Melissa Kimberly. Reconstituting lives: Somali women's efforts to reformulate household and
community values in Kansas City, Missouri. Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2009. 3354581.
Heo, Angie Deborah. Technologies of intercessory power: Images and movement among the Coptic
Orthodox of contemporary Egypt. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2008. 3353320.
Kendall-Taylor, Nathaniel Hudson. Pediatric epilepsy intervention in Kilifi Kenya: Understanding ecocultural
barriers to treatment, community intervention and family well-being. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles,
2008. 3350546.
Loudon, James E. The parasite ecology and socioecology of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) and
Verreaux's sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi) inhabiting the Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve [Madagascar].
Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder, 2009.
Lundy, Brandon Daniel. Making a living in Kassumba, Guinea-Bissau. Ph.D., State U. of New York, 2009.
Munoz, Jose Maria. The eye of the state: Business visibility and the production of public authority in
northern Cameroon. Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2009. 3355706.
Ouzman, Sven. Imprints: An archaeology of identity in post-Apartheid southern Africa. Ph.D., U. of
California, Berkeley, 2008. 3353066.
Owiti, John Arianda. Local knowledge of, and responses to, HIV-1/AIDS among the Turkana of Lodwar
Township [Kenya]. Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2007. NR48006.
Samsky, Ari Martin. Topographies of need: Humanitarianism, science and the market in two international
drug donation programs. Ph.D., Princeton U., 2009. 3356745.
Williamson, Jacquelyn Gayle. Reconstruction and identity of Kom el-Nana at Tell el-Amarna: An analysis of
the decorated stone fragments from Kom el-Nana, and the role of the structures called "Sunshades of Re" in
the Amarna period [Egypt]. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3357149.
Johnson, Krystal L. Reshaping urban environments in Ethiopia:: Exploring life through the use of space in
four Addis Ababa kebeles. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2008. 3350909.
Biological Sciences
Eaton, Mitchell Joseph. Systematics, population structure and demography of the African dwarf crocodile
(Osteolaemus spp.): A perspective from multiple scales [Congo & Gabon]. Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder,
2009. 3354536.
Estes, Lyndon Despard. Using remote sensing and distribution modeling to determine the habitat selection
and distribution of the rare mountain bongo antelope Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of
Virginia, 2008. 3353809.
Henn, Brenna Mariah. Inferring modern human migration patterns within Africa using calibrated
mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal DNA [Eastern Africa]. Ph.D., Stanford U., 2009. 3351447.
Mueller, Jocelyn Grupp. Including local voices in global discourse in biodiversity conservation: An
ethnobotanical study in Boumba, Niger (Park W). Ph.D., Tuffs U., 2009. 3354727.
Plantan, Tiffany B. Feeding behavior of wild and captive oxpeckers (Buphagus spp.): A case of conditional
mutualism. Ph.D., U. OF Miami, 2009. 3358302.
Sewall, Brent James. Ecology and conservation of frugivores of Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.
Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2008. 3350790.
Wang, Benjamin. Impacts of hunting on seed dispersal in a Central African tropical forest [Cameroon].
Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2008. 3354406.
Business Administration
Newman, Lucy Surhyel. Effects of employee performance management on employee learning and
development within banks in Nigeria. D.B.A., U of Phoenix, 2008. 3349280.
Oji, Kalu O. World Bank-assisted rural electrification projects: A survey of the effects of cultural diversity on
project implementation and success in selected areas of Nigeria. Ph.D., Capella U., 2009. 3350247.
Earth Sciences
Armitage, Dominic Anthony. High-resolution architectural evolution of depositional elements in deep-marine
slope environments: The Quaternary Niger Delta slope, Quaternary southwest Grand Banks slope, Canada,
and Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Chile. Ph.D., Stanford U., 2009. 3351485.
Garcia Massini, Juan L. Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Late Oligocene deposits from the
northwestern Ethiopian Plateau. Ph.D., Southern Methodist U., 2009. 3356161.
Matton, Guillaume. The Cretaceous Richat complex (Mauritania): A peri-Atlantic alkaline process. Ph.D., U.
du Quebec à Chicoutimi (Can.), 2008. NR47231.
Mayunga, Selassie David. Semi-automatic building extraction in informal settlements from high-resolution
satellite imagery [Tanzania]. Ph.D., U. of New Brunswick (Can.), 2006. NR46741.
Bozzoli, Carlos. Essays in development and health economics [South Africa]. Ph.D., Princeton U., 2009.
Gnaka, Gervais Lagoki. Discourse on regional economic integration: Towards a theory of PanAfrican
authentic development. Ph.D., Howard U., 2009. 3355619.
Ikegami, Munenobu. Household intertemporal decisions and poverty dynamics [Tanzania]. Ph.D., U. of
Wisconsin - Madison, 2008. 3348937.
Jagger, Pamela. Can forest sector devolution improve rural livelihoods? An analysis of forest income and
institutions in western Uganda. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2009. 3358922.
Linkow, Benjamin D. Three essays on the dynamics of informal institutional change in sub-Saharan Africa
[Kenya & South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2008. 3348935.
McClain, Kimberly A. Examining the relationships among oil exports, foreign aid, and standard of living.
Ph.D., Northcentral U., 2009. 3351831.
Mircheva, Borislava Krasimirova. Infrastructure: The building block for exports in Sub-Saharan Africa?.
Ph.D., American U., 2009. 3353876.
Mukwaya, Rodgers. Trade effect of a single currency in East Africa. Ph.D., Clemson U., 2009. 3355153.
Ouedraogo, Salmata. Trois essais en économie empirique: Education-santé-genre [Burkina Faso]. Ph.D.,
U. de Montreal (Can.), 2008. NR47569.
Woolverton, Andrea Elizabeth. Institutional effects on grain producer price-risk management behavior: A
comparative study across the United States and South Africa. Ph.D., U. of Missouri, 2007. 3351679.
Adusah-Karikari, Augustina. Experiences of women in higher education: A study of women faculty and
administrators in selected public universities in Ghana. Ph.D., Ohio U., 2008. 3351084.
Brennan, Kevin. A history of the absence (and emergent presence) of independent public universities in
Mombasa, Kenya. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. 3352637.
Burns, Carolyn Diane. The relevance of African American singing games to Xhosa children in South Africa:
A qualitative study. Ed.D., Montana State U., 2009. 3352359.
Collier, Ebenezer S. O. A comparison of the effects of educational policies on primary and secondary
education in Sierra Leone during colonial, post-independence, and post-civil war eras. Ed.D., Howard U.,
2008. 3358140.
Fetene, Getnet Tizazu. Self-reported sexual experiences, sexual conduct and safer-sex practices of
Ethiopian undergraduate male and female students in the context of HIV/AIDS pandemic. Ph.D., U. of New
York, 2009. 3356131.
Kelani, Razacki Raphael E.D. A professional development study of technology education in secondary
science teaching in Benin: Issues of teacher change and self-efficacy beliefs. Ph.D., Kent State U., 2009.
M'Cormack, Fredanna A. D. Ecological determinants of anemia in pregnant women living in Freetown:
Urban western area, Sierra Leone. Ph.D., Southern Illinois U., 2009. 3358699.
Maganda, Fabian Francis. The untold story: The agency of Sukuma educators in developing AIM mission
schools in northwestern Tanzania, 1909--1970. Ph.D., U. of South Carolina, 2008. 3351695.
Nyutu, Pius N. The development of the Student Counseling Needs Scale (SCNS) [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of
Missouri - Columbia, 2007. 3351653.
Piyose, Nosisi N. Being a sheep in a "cattle's kraal" does not make you a cow: Black students' thought
processes in measurement activity. Ph.D., State U. of New York, 2009. 3356067.
Rumano, Moses B. Africa University's approach to Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS epidemic: A case study of teacher
preparation. Ph.D., Miami U., 2009. 3353564.
Traore, Mohamed. La réussite comparée dans les écoles professionnelles publiques et privées en tertiaire
au brevet de technicien (BT1) en 2005 à Bamako: Enjeux et perspectives pour les politiques éducatives au
Mali. Ph.D., U. du Quebec (Can.), 2008. NR48647.
Environmental Sciences
Ayoub, Ayoub Shaban. Modeling natural resource scarcity and poverty effects on fertility in Honduras,
Nepal, and Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Nevada Las Vegas, 2008. 3352166.
Darkwa, Sarah. Risk perception, knowledge and behavior: Case studies of fishermen from Lake Ontario,
USA and Fosu Lagoon, Ghana. Ph.D., State U. of New York Coll. of environmental Science and Forestry,
2009. 3355375.
Fine Arts
Walker, LaNitra Michele. Pictures that satisfy: Modernist discourses and the politics of race, gender, and
nation in the art of Irma Stern (1894--1966) [South Africa]. Ph.D., Duke U., 2009. 3351937.
Baldyga, Tracy J. Spatially explicit multiple objective decision support for rural watersheds. Ph.D., U. of
Wyoming, 2008. 3358823.
Sivak, Henry. Law, territory, and the legal geography of French rule in Algeria: The forestry domain, 18301903. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2008. 3360948.
Health Sciences
Aden, Bashir. Dietary acculturation and increased body mass index among African immigrant women.
Ph.D., Walden U., 2009. 3356422.
Atashili, Julius. Cervical precancerous lesions in HIV-positive women in Cameroon: Prevalence, predictors
and potential impact of screening. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. 3352931.
Baird, Martha Brownfield. Resettlement transition experiences among Sudanese refugee women. Ph.D., U.
of Arizona, 2009. 3352364.
Basinga, Paulin. Impact of performance-based financing on the quantity and quality of maternal health
services in Rwanda. Ph.D., Tulane U., 2009. 3353893.
Bomblies, Arne. The hydrology of malaria: Field observations and mechanistic modeling of the malaria
transmission response to environmental and climatic variability. Ph.D., Massachusetts Inst. of Technology,
2009. 0821727.
Chhagan, Meera Kurson. The effect of micronutrient supplementation on morbidity and growth in South
African children. Ph.D., Tuffs U., 2009. 3351928.
Creanga, Andreea A. Understanding emergency contraception practice in Ghana: An application of the
theory of planned behavior. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3357093.
Ezejiofor, Godson Chukwuma. Phenomenological study: Role of culture in promoting contraction of
HIV/AIDS among Anambra state women, Nigeria. D.H.A., U. of Phoenix, 2008. 3349278.
Feldacker, Caryl B. Is it who you are or where you live: A mixed-method exploration of associations
between people and place in the context of HIV in rural Malawi. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
2009. 3352875.
Gachiri, Wilson K. Structures and policies influencing healthcare accessibility in poor urban areas:
Structures and policies influencing healthcare accessibility in poor urban areas. Ph.D., Howard U., 2009.
Harbour, Catherine. Normative influences on youth in Minya, Egypt. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009.
Haws, Rachel A. Women's experiences of stillbirth and other reproductive disruptions and their social
consequences in southern Tanzania. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3356880.
Jackson, Elizabeth F. Parental death and HIV infection among adolescents and young adults in South
Africa. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. 3352645.
Kaba, Kinkodi Didine. Determinants of household food insecurity and associated coping strategies in 2
health zones of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, during and after 1996--2002 war periods. Ph.D.,
Tulane U., 2009. 3353894.
Kaggwa, Esther Babirye. The family, psychological and sexual differences between orphans and non
orphans in Uganda. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3356925.
Meilleur, Katherine G. Molecular diagnosis for hereditary neurological diseases in Mali, West Africa:
Research and social implications. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3356949.
Ngata, Ng'ang'a. Attitudes toward cultural practices and sport participation of adolescent girls in Kenya.
Ph.D., The U. of Mississippi, 2009. 3358524.
Noah, Yetunde Abisola. Female circumcision/female genital cutting in Nigeria: Couples' attitudes, women's
empowerment, and acute obstetric outcomes. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3356973.
Okeke, Jim Osita. Shortage of health professionals: A study of recruitment and retention factors that impact
rural hospitals in Lagos state, Nigeria. D.H.A., U. of Phoenix, 2008. 3350845.
Opuni-Akuamoa, Marjorie. Issues in assessing the relationship between economic status and HIV infection
in sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3357119.
Peterman, Amber. Essays in maternal health and human rights: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
[Tanzania]. Ph.D., U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. 3352689.
Piantadosi, Anne. Sources and implications of HIV-1 diversity within women in Mombasa, Kenya. Ph.D., U.
of Washington, 2009. 3356653.
Rajkotia, Yogesh. National health insurance in Ghana: Politics, adverse selection, and the use of child
health services. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3357175.
Sintasath, David Michael. High diversity of simian retroviruses and the risk for disease emergence
[Cameroon & Uganda]. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2009. 3356995.
Spangler, Sydney A. Use of biomedical obstetric care in south-central Tanzania: Production and effects of
embodied inequality. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. 3352696.
Bjerk, Paul. Julius Nyerere and the establishment of sovereignty in Tanganyika. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin Madison, 2008. 3349115.
Braun, Lindsay Frederick. The cadastre and the colony: Surveying, territory, and legibility in the creation of
South Africa, c. 1860--1913. Ph.D., Rutgers The State U. of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2008. 3349869.
Hussein, Alhussein Abdel Bassir. Self-presentation of the late Saite non-royal elite: The texts and
monuments of Neshor named Psamtikmenkhib and Payeftjauemawyneith [Egypt]. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U.,
2009. 3357107.
McKinney, Stephanie L. Speaking of the dead: Reconstructing identity in post-genocide Rwanda. Ph.D.,
Claremont Graduate U., 2009. 3351221.
Mikhail, Alan Mark. The nature of Ottoman Egypt: Irrigation, environment, and bureaucracy in the long
eighteenth century. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2008. 3353485.
Morgan, Eric J. Into the struggle: Confronting apartheid in the United States and South Africa. Ph.D., U. of
Colorado at Boulder, 2009. 3354618.
Sapong, Nana Yaw Boampong. Aluta continua: Social movements and the making of Ghana's Fourth
Republic, 1978--1993. Ph.D., Southern Illinois U., 2009. 3358731.
Sobottke, Thomas M. The imperial enterprise: Anglo-American reaction to the Spanish-American and Boer
Wars, 1898-1902. Ph.D., Marquette U., 2008. 3357937.
Willis, John C. Masquerading politics: Power and transformation in a West African kingdom [Nigeria].
Ph.D., Emory U., 2008. 3349982.
Wyrtzen, Jonathan. Constructing Morocco: The colonial struggle to define the nation, 1912--1956. Ph.D.,
Georgetown U., 2009. 3356093.
Information Science
Hirsch, Tad. Contestational design: Innovation for political activism [Zimbabwe]. Ph.D., Massachusetts Inst.
of Technology, 2008. 0821607.
Quamina, Alvan G.V. Measuring the civil society legal environment in developing nations: The case of
Nigeria. O, Capella U., 2009. 3349795.
Allan, Michael. The limits of secular criticism: World literature at the crossroads of empires [Egypt]. Ph.D.,
U. of California, Berkeley, 2008. 3353035.
Andary, Nezar Ajaj. A consuming fever of history: A study of five urgent flashbacks in Arabic film and
literature. Ph.D., U of California, 2008. 3357342.
Doshi, Neil A. Revolution at the crossroads: Street theater and the politics of radical democracy in India and
in Algeria. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2009. 3354140.
Haugh, Rachel Elizabeth. Versed in war: The preservation and publication of Second World War poetry by
the Salamander Oasis Trus [Egypt]. Ph.D., Rutgers The State U. of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2009.
Heyer, Gretchen A. In the Age of Magic. Ph.D., U. of Houston, 2009. 3358145.
Johnson, Jamie. The philosophy of the animal in 20th century literature [South Africa]. Ph.D., Florida
Atlantic U., 2009. 3353764.
Kane Lo, Sheba. People's poet: Mzwakhe Mbuli and the power of the poet in the liberation struggle and in
the "new" South Africa. Ph.D., Howard U., 2009. 3350433.
Kyriakos, Cecile. La musique a l'ouvrage dans l'oeuvre d'Assia Djebar: Force architecturale et
metaphorisation. Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder, 2009. 3354539.
Love, Christopher D. Creating tragic spectators: Rebellion and ambiguity in world tragedy [Cote d'Ivoire &
South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2009. 3354315.
Man, Michel. La folie, le mal de l'Afrique postcoloniale dans "Le Baobab Fou" et la folie et la mort de Ken
Bugul. Ph.D., U. of Missouri - Columbia, 2007. 3353509.
Mazza, Eugenia. Writers, directors and storytellers from Africa and the Middle East in contemporary Italy.
Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2008. 3348945.
Miller, Kari McGriff. Contextualizing womanism: Representations of black women in the plays of Athol
Fugard and Zakes Mda. Ph.D., Howard U., 2009. 3354882.
Mokam, Yvonne-Marie. The return home: Mongo Beti's late oeuvre. Ph.D., U. of Arizona, 2009. 3354955.
Nwakanma, Obi. The Mbari movement: Postcolonial modernity and cultural nationalism from Harlem to
Ibadan. Ph.D., Saint Louis U., 2008. 3351862.
Okoro, Dike. From the Fires in the Heart [poems]. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2008. 3354434.
Secovnie, Kelly O. Translating the transatlantic: West African literary approaches to African American
identity. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Albany, 2009. 3352617.
Spain, Andrea. Temporal alternatives: Postcoloniality and the politics of the event. Ph.D., State U. of New
York, 2009. 3356079.
Mass Communications
Scott, Edward Sherman. Digital research cycles: How attitudes toward content, culture and technology
affect Web development. Ph.D., U. of Central Florida, 2009. 3357882.
Physical Sciences
Berry, Gareth J. African Easterly Waves and convection. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Albany, 2009.
Pratt, Aaron S. Invigoration of eastern Atlantic convection by Saharan dust during NAMMA and implications
for tropical cyclogenesis. Ph.D., Howard U., 2009. 3355468.
Political Science
Ainuson, Kweku. Ensuring adequate water supply to disadvantaged urban communities in Ghana. Ph.D.,
Clemson U., 2009. 3355127.
Ghanadan, Rebecca Hansing. Public service or commodity goods Electricity reforms, access, and the
politics of development in Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2008. 3353301.
Griffin, Christopher William. French grand strategy in Africa in the Fifth Republic. Ph.D., U. of Southern
California, 2009. 3355261.
Igoni, Sunday Enigheni. Perception of societal corruption and levels of trust in government: A case study of
Benin City, Nigeria. Ph.D., Walden U., 2009. 3355044.
Johnson, John K. Parliamentary independence in Uganda and Kenya 1962--2008. Ph.D., State U. of New
York at Albany, 2009. 3354594.
Lawson, Cecil Bryant. Leviathan's rage: State sovereignty and crimes against humanity in the late twentieth
century [Rwanda & Sudan]. Ph.D., U. of Massachusetts Amherst, 2009. 3349727.
Maguranyanga, Brian. Our battles also changed: Transformation and black empowerment in South African
National Parks, 1991--2008. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2009. 3354321.
Margolian, Michael. The rescue of Ethiopian Jewry: A case study of the beliefs-behaviour relationship in
foreign policy. Ph.D., Carleton U. (Can.), 1989. DC52918.
McCulloch, Allison. Seeking stability amid deep division: Consociationalism and centripetalism in
comparative perspective [Burundi & Nigeria]. Ph.D., Queen's U. (Can.), 2009. NR48226.
Misra, Neeta. Strategic unionism: The political role of the Congress of South African Trade Unions
(COSATU) in South Africa and what it means for Black workers. Ph.D., Massachusetts Inst. of Technology,
2009. 0821615.
Ngcoya, Mvuselelo. Ubuntu: Globalization, accommodation, and contestation in South Africa. Ph.D., The
American U., 2009. 3357498.
Nicholson, Simon. Governing the gene: The politics of transgenic agriculture and the future of food
[Zambia]. Ph.D., American U., 2009. 3353877.
O'Rourke, Nancy. Discourse, participation and empowerment: A study of child health at the community level
in war torn Liberia. Ph.D., Carleton U. (Can.), 2003. DC52933.
Tebid, Victor. The quest for a unitary state and the rise of subnationalism in Cameroon. Ph.D., Howard U.,
2009. 3354888.
Wand, David Adam Douglas. Government institutional performance examined through social capital and
collective memory for selected district assemblies in Ghana. Ph.D., Tulane U., 2009. 3351398.
Young, Daniel. Where ideology does not divide: Political behavior in Malawi's multiparty era. Ph.D., U. of
California, Los Angeles, 2008. 3350651.
Adam, Mary Beth. Improving measurement strategies for I Choose Life-Africa [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of
Arizona, 2009. 3352342.
Andersen, Lena S. Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy on the reduction of depression in people
infected with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Ph.D., Hofstra U., 2009. 3358328.
Flomo, Nya Sua. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome and immigrants: A look at HIV/AIDS knowledge
and risk behaviors among African immigrants in Guilford County. Ph.D., Capella U., 2009. 3352333.
Jibril, Ahmed Kamil. The acculturative experiences of Somali refugees living in the United States of
America. Psy.D., Alliant International U., San Francisco Bay, 2009. 3351537.
Thomas, Damafing Keita. West African immigrants' attitudes toward seeking psychological help. Ph.D.,
Georgia State U., 2008. 3350603.
Adioye, Ebele. A study of selected art forms of the Baoule people of West Africa and the residual influences
of such cultural objects on evangelism, spiritual warfare, and church planting. Ph.D., Mid-America Baptist
Theo. Sem., 2009. 3357982.
Adunchezor, Christopher Chetuya. The Church and the marriage rite in Awka Town, Nigeria: The okukuonye-uwa controversy. Ph.D., Fordham U., 2009. 3356895.
Apel, Dean M. Contextualizing the family: The theologies of family of the New Testament, Luther, and the
Samburu through the lens of a contextualization model [Kenya]. Ph.D., Luther Sch. of Theology at Chicago,
2009. 3353868.
Crittenden, Alyssa Noelani. Allomaternal care and juvenile foraging among the Hadza: Implications for the
evolution of Cooperative Breeding in humans. Ph.D., U. of California, 2009. 3356207.
Karimi, Anthony. Clergy stress: Identifying strategies of coping in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa
(Kenya). D.Min., Oral Roberts U., 2006. 3350992.
Makwasha, Gift. Not without my ancestors: A Christological case study of the Shona ancestor cult of
Zimbabwe. Th.D., Boston U. Sch. of Theo., 2009. 3357445.
Ojiako, Fortunate. "Broken nets": Augustine, schisms and rejuvenating councils in North Africa. Ph.D.,
Marquette U., 2008. 3357934.
Social Work
Gerritsen-McKane, Ruth. Developing field education: A collaboration between two universities [Ghana].
Ph.D., U. of Utah, 2009. 3353522.
Jankey, Odireleng Mildred. Passion Killings: A media and cultural perspective of intimate femicide in
Botswana. Ph.D., U. of Utah, 2009. 3353525.
Kodwo, Stephen Raymond. Determinants of international long-distance eldercare: Evidence from
Ghanaian immigrants in the United States. Ph.D., Virginia commonwealth U., 2009. 3358191.
Muriuki, Andrew Mburu. The role of household environment on health outcomes for female adolescents in
Kenya. Ph.D., U. of Missouri - Columbia, 2007. 3351651.
Clarno, Andrew James. The empire's new walls: Sovereignty, neo-liberalism, and the production of space in
post-apartheid South Africa and post-Oslo Palestine/Israel. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2209. 3354129.
Myamba, Flora Peter. Domestic violence rights movement in Tanzania: An exploration. Ph.D., Western
Michigan U., 2009. 3354077.
Reggy, Anyango. Post-conflict reconstruction and women in Rwanda, 1994--2008. Ph.D., Howard U.,
2009. 3354885.
Salahuddin, Mohammad. Patterns of intergroup conflict and the predicament of justice in South Africa.
Ph.D., Indiana U., 2009. 3357986.
Women's Studies
Annin, Collins. From messages to voices: Understanding girls' educational experiences in selected
communities in the Akuapim South District, Ghana. Ph.D., Ohio U., 2009. 3353546.
Ball, Jennifer. In their own voices: Learning from women peacebuilders in Uganda. Ph.D., U. of Guelph
(Can.), 2009. NR47583.