Supplement 93 (DAI Oct.-Dec. 2011)

compiled by
Joseph J. Lauer (Michigan State University)
The U.S. and Canadian theses listed were below reported in Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI),
vol. 72, nos. 4-6 (Oct.-Dec. 2011). This is the 92nd quarterly supplement to American and Canadian
Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses on Africa, 1974-1987 (1989).
Al-Ayedi, Abdul. The "Ways of Horus" in the ancient Egyptian records and archaeology: Volume I: The
inscriptions. Volume II: The archaeology. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2002.
Black, Steven Patrick. Facing HIV / AIDS Stigmatization in South Africa Through Language and Music.
Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2010.
Bowles, Laurian Rebekah. Widening the lens: Embodiments of gender, work and migration with market
women in Ghana. Ph.D., Temple U., 2011.
Bushozi, Pastory. Lithic technology and hunting behaviour during the Middle Stone Age in Tanzania.
Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2011.
Creasman, Pearce Paul. Extracting cultural information from ship timber [Egypt]. Ph.D., Texas A & M
U., 2010.
Faith, John. Late Quaternary megafaunal extinctions in southern Africa's Cape Floral Region. Ph.D.,
George Washington U., 2011.
Fenn, Thomas. Applications of heavy isotope research to archaeological problems of provenance and
trade on cases from Africa and the New World [Nigeria & Burkina Faso]. Ph.D., U. of Arizona, 2011.
Guessous, Nadia. Genealogies of Feminism: Leftist Feminist Subjectivity in the Wake of the Islamic
Revival in Contemporary Morocco. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Hibbs, Amber Campbell. Irrigation and Infection: A Bioethnography of Schistosomiasis in Ancient Nubia
[Sudan]. Ph.D., Emory U., 2010.
Hubbard, Edward Akintola. Creolization and Contemporary Pop Iconicity in Cape Verde. Ph.D.,
Harvard U., 2011.
Kroenke, Karin. The Provincial Cemeteries of Naga ed-Deir: A Comprehensive Study of Tomb Models
Dating from the Late Old Kingdom to the Late Middle Kingdom [Egypt]. Ph.D., U. of California,
Berkeley, 2010.
Leclercq, Benedicte. Links Between Conservation/Development Projects and International Conventions
and Programs: The Southeastern Rainforest of Madagascar. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Stony
Brook, 2010.
Meharie, Anduamlak. Urban development and displacement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Impacts on
livelihoods and social relations in Yeka Tefo with a focus on youth. Ph.D., U. of Kentucky, 2009.
Merritt, Stephen. Controlled butchery observations as a means for interpreting Okote Member hominin
carnivory at Koobi Fora, Kenya. Ph.D., Rutgers State U. of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2011.
Pillay, Suren. The partisan's violence, law and apartheid: The assassination of Matthew Goniwe and the
Cradock Four. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Schauert, Paul W. Staging nationalism: Performance, power, and representation in Ghana's state
dance ensembles. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2011.
Schubert, Robert Luken. The Conservative Nature of Primate Positional Behavior: Testing for
Locomotor and Postural Variation in Colobus vellerosus and Cercopithecus campbelli lowei at BoabengFiema Monkey Sanctuary, Ghana. Ph.D., Ohio State U., 2011.
Skrydstrup, Martin. Once Ours: The Making and Unmaking of Claims to Cultural Property [Ghana].
Ph.D., Columbia U., 2010.
Smith, Vanessa. Modeling the Mechanics of Temple Production in the Middle Kingdom: An
Investigation of the Shena of Divine Offerings Adjacent to the Mortuary Temple of Senwosret III at
Abydos, Egypt. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Some, Batamaka. Growing cotton: Household negotiations in export-oriented agriculture in Africa,
Burkina Faso. Ph.D., U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010.
von Schnitzler, Anna. Liberation in a Time of Neoliberalism: Citizenship Technology and Politics in
Post-Apartheid South Africa. Ph.D., Columbia U.,2010.
Biological Sciences
Burton, Andrew. Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation in a West African Protected Area. Ph.D., U. of
California, Berkeley, 2010.
McGlue, Michael Matthew. Late Quaternary paleolimnology in the southern hemisphere tropics. Ph.D.,
U. of Arizona, 2011.
Potter, Gail E. Estimating social contact networks to improve epidemic simulation models [Malawi].
Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2010.
Rasoazanabary, Emilienne. The human factor in mouse lemur (Microcebus griseorufus) conservation:
Local resource utilization and habitat disturbance at Beza Mahafaly, SW Madagascar. Ph.D., U. of
Massachusetts, 2011.
Rogers, Jessica. The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Central Africa: A Remotely Sensed Measure
of Deforestation and Access. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Schellenberg, John J. The microbiological context of HIV resistance [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of Manitoba
(Can.), 2010.
Williams, Richard A J. Ecology and geography of avian viruses using niche models and wild bird
surveillance [Ghana]. Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2010.
Business Administration
Acheampong, Nsiah. The effects of foreign bank entry on financial performance of Ghanaian-owned
banks. D.B.A., U. of Phoenix, 2011.
Asantemungu, Juvenalis. An exploration of alternative means of financial sustainability for the church in
Tanzania, East Africa: A donor and donee perspective. Ph.D., Marquette U., 2011.
Glajchen, Deon. A Comparative Analysis of Mobile Phone-Based Payment Services in the United
States and South Africa. Ph.D., Northcentral U., 2011.
Mohamed Elshaiekh, Nour Eldin. Key factors that influence the use of knowledge-based decision
support system in medium-sized companies in Sudan. Ph.D. Multimedia University (Malaysia), 2011.
Nyaseda, Ceasarine A. The effectiveness of celebrity endorsed advertising: A Kenyan perspective.
D.B.A., Alliant International U., San Diego, 2010.
Odemba, Alexander S. Corruption in sub-Sahara Africa: A phenomenological study. D.B.A., U. of
Phoenix, 2011.
Al-Hossain, Haya. Feminist representations in North African cinema. Ph.D., George Washington U.,
Bigley, Heather. Cinematic transcendence: Religious women and global migration in the historical epic
[Algeria]. Ph.D., U. of Florida, 2010.
Mwakalinga, Mona. The Political Economy of the Film Industry in Tanzania: From Socialism to an Open
Market Economy, 1961-2010. Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2011.
Sreenivas, Divya. Structure of narratives: Applying Propp's folktale morphology to entertainmenteducation films [South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of New Mexico, 2010.
Earth Sciences
Bangira, Courage. Mineralogy and geochemistry of soils of ultramafic origin from the Great Dyke,
Zimbabwe and Gillespie County, Texas. Ph.D., Texas A & M U., 2010.
Fatoke, Oluwaseyi. Sequence stratigraphy of the Pliocene-Pleistocene strata and shelf-margin deltas of
the eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria. Ph.D., U. of Houston, 2010.
Soderberg, Keir Stephen. The role of fog in the ecohydrology and biogeochemistry of the Namib
Desert. Ph.D., U. of Virginia, 2010.
Betz, Michael. Three Essays on African Agriculture: Land Rights, Extension, and Market Participation in
Uganda. Ph.D., Ohio State U., 2011.
Mulangu, Francis. Climate, water, and carbon: Three essays in environmental and development
economics [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Ohio State U., 2011.
Nezerwe, Yvan. The impact of the AGOA legislations on the market returns in Kenya. D.B.A., Alliant
International U., San Diego, 2011.
Nguyen, Quynh T. Essays in empirical microeconomics on economic development [Uganda]. Ph.D., U.
of Maryland, College Park, 2010.
Ozier, Owen. Essays in Empirical Development Economics [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley,
Richmond, Christine J. Essays on Firm Performance and Dynamics in Developing Countries [Cote
d'Ivoire]. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2010.
Roberts, Tyson. Democracy, Development, and the International Political Economy: Political Institutions
and Investment Financing Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2010.
Sattayanuwat, Wanasin. Essays on international trade and foreign direct investment. Ph.D., U. of
Nebraska - Lincoln, 2011.
Uzondu, Chaka A K. The Imperial Relations of Food: Food Sovereignty and Self-determination in World
Politics. Ph.D., U. of Connecticut, 2010.
Visser, M Anne. Race, Poverty, and State Intervention in the Informal Economy: Evidence from South
Africa. Ph.D., New School U., 2010.
Acheampong, James. Exploring the Decision of Ghanaian College Graduates to Remain in the United
States or Return to Ghana. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Bothun, Sara. Reassessing the Benefits of Education: Three Papers on the Effects of Education in
Ghana. Ph.D., Clark U., 2011.
Ezumah, Bellarmine. Toward a Successful Plan for Educational Technology for Low-income
Communities: A Formative Evaluation of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Projects in Nigeria and Ghana.
Ph.D., Howard U., 2010.
Gee, Kevin A. The impact of school based anti-malarial treatment on adolescents' cognition: Evidence
from a cluster-randomized intervention in Kenya. Ed.D., Harvard U., 2010.
Griffis, Vincent W. Vernacular scripture use in two Cameroonian language communities: Kom and
Bafut. Ed.D., Boston U., 2011.
Kariwo, Michael. The Impact of Resource Allocation Methods on the Performance of the Academic Staff
at Public Universities in Zimbabwe. Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2010.
Kitonga, Ndindi. Postcolonial Construction of Self: Two Immigrant Secondary Science Teachers from
Nigeria and Kenya Explore the Role of Cultural and Indigenous Beliefs in their Teaching. Ph.D.,
Chapman U., 2010.
Kreye, Judy. Nursing students' perceptions of the educational environment in Moshi, Tanzania: The
basis for reform. Ph.D., Capella U., 2011.
Montague, Deborah Marie. Traditional Ghanaian music pedagogy and philosophy: An overview of
teaching and learning techniques of three Ghanaian master musicians teaching in the United States.
D.M.A., Boston U., 2011.
Mtuy, Mary Auxilia. A qualitative analysis of Learning and Leadership Development of Universal
Primary Education teachers and the resulting impact on the Tanzanian education system. Ph.D.,
Cleveland State U., 2011.
Ndikintum, Gerald Berinyuy. Early Childhood Socialization: Reflections of Women as Former Orphans
in Two Catholic Orphanages in English-Speaking Cameroon. Ed.D., George Washington U., 2011.
Okafor, Gregory. Re-democratization and democratic leadership development in Nigeria: The impact of
civic education. Ed.D., Northern Arizona U., 2010.
Okoro, Martin. Funding teacher education: A catalyst for enhancing the Universal Basic Education in
Imo State of Nigeria. Ed.D., Seton Hall U., 2011.
Opini, Bathseba Mayomi. Women with disabilities in Kenyan university education: Experiences,
challenges and coping strategies. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Thuranira, Taaliu Simon. Perspectives on the teaching profession in Kenya. Ph.D., U. of Maryland,
College Park, 2010.
Witten, Allistair Mark. Building the community school: How school principals can lead in addressing
educational and social challenges in South Africa. Ed.D., Harvard U., 2010.
Worley, Robin. Citizen journalism and digital voices: Instituting a collaborative process between global
youth, technology and media for positive social change [Kenya]. Ed.D., Pepperdine U., 2011.
Environmental Sciences
Adebowale, Adedotun. Evaluation of volatile organic compounds in crude coconut, peanut, olive, and
petroleum oils and toxic organic contaminants in the Oluyoro Stream of Nigeria. Ph.D., Texas Southern
U., 2009.
DeLonge, Marica. Attributes of West African convective storms at the land-ocean transition. Susan, U.
of Virginia, 2010.
Fine Arts
Judas, Beth. Late Bronze Age Aegean ceramics in the Nile Valley: An analysis of idea and practice
represented in the archaeological record. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Barnes, Jessica. Governing Flow: The Politics of Water Distribution and Use in Egypt. Ph.D., Columbia
U., 2010.
Health Sciences
Aaron, Grant. Interventions to Control Deficiencies of Zinc and other Micronutrients in West Africa.
Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2010.
Aly Saadallah, Amal A. Organ allocation and transplantation in Egypt: A quantitative quasi-experimental
study. D.H.A., U. of Phoenix, 2010.
Babigumira, Joseph B. Costs of Induced Abortion and Cost-Effectiveness of Universal Access to
Modern Contraceptives in Uganda. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2011.
Campos, Nicole Gastineau. Cervical Cancer Prevention: Using Primary Data to Inform Decision-Making
in Developed and Developing Country Contexts [Eastern Africa]. Ph.D., Harvard, 2011.
Corbell, Catherine Wairimu. An epidemiologic study examining the risk of anemia associated with
zidovudine-based highly active antiretroviral therapy in Namibia. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2010.
Dogba, Maman. Rôle des ressources humaines dans la performance du système de
referenceevacuation de Kayes au Mali. Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2010.
Drake, Alison L. HSV-2 suppression among HIV-1 infected pregnant and postpartum Kenyan women.
Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2010.
Gasasira, Anne Frances. Interactions between HIV Infection and Malaria in Children Living in subSaharan Africa in the Era of Widening Access to Improved Interventions. Ph.D., U. of California,
Berkeley, 2010.
Harvey, Pauline. Factors influencing childhood vaccination in Nigeria. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Jonnalagada, Sasi R. Latent Tuberculosis Infection Detection and Clinical Implications in HIV-1 Infected
Women [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2011.
Kafulfula, Ursula. Culture-specific influences on exclusive breastfeeding among HIV-positive mothers in
Blantyre, Malawi. Ph.D., New York U., 2011.
Kaluyu, Japeth K. Determinants of risky sexual behaviors of Kenyan immigrant men in the US and
during visits in Kenya. Ph.D., New Jersey Inst. of Tech., 2009.
Lambdin, Barrot H. Patient and System Factors Associated with Attrition from HIV Treatment Programs
in Central Mozambique. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2010.
Martyn, Diona. An Ethnography of African American and Sierra Leonean Hair Salon Patrons and Their
Perceived Health Concerns. Ph.D., Catholic U. of America, 2011.
Milejczak, Catherine Bowden. The impact of school-based oral hygiene education on the oral-healthrelated quality of life [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Muthengi, Eunice. Early Marriage and Early Childbearing in Ethiopia: Determinants and Consequences.
Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2010.
Porter, Chad Kiser. Time Series Evaluation of Childhood Diarrhea in Abu Homos, Egypt. Ph.D.,
George Washington U., 2011.
Sugimoto, Jonathan D. Determinants of transmissibility in community outbreaks of symptomatic novel
human influenza A [Senegal]. Ph.D., U. of Washington,
Verret, Wendy Joy. The effect of nutritional status on the post-treatment prophylactic effect of two
artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) in Ugandan
children treated for malaria. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2010.
Walsh, Denise Susan. A narrative analysis of the stories of nurses working in Liberia pre, during and
post civil war. Ph.D., U. of Connecticut, 2010.
Weiss, Greta. The acquisition of human B cell memory in response to Plasmodium falciparum malaria.
Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Bini, Elisabetta. Fueling the Cold War: Oil, Economic Development, and Mass Consumption in Postwar
Italy and the Mediterranean, 1945-1969 [North Africa].
Ph.D., New York U., 2011.
Burlingham, Kate. "In the image of God": A global history of the North American Congregational mission
movement in Angola, 1879-1975. Ph.D., Rutgers State
U. of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2011.
Katono, Deo. A history of the Uganda-American relations 1962-2002. Ph.D., Makerere U. (Ugan.),
Li, Jean. Elite Theban Women of the Eighth-Sixth Centuries BCE in Egypt: Identity, Status and
Mortuary Practice. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2010.
Markle, Seth M. 'We Are Not Tourists': The Black Power Movement and the Making of Socialist
Tanzania, 1960-1974. Ph.D., New York U., 2010.
Moore, Robert. The Role of the Madrasah and the Structure of Islamic Legal Education in Mamluk
Egypt (1250-1517). Ph.D., Emory U., 2010.
Prakash, Amit. Empire on the Seine: Surveillance, Citizenship, and North African Migrants in Paris
(1925-1975). Ph.D., Columbia, 2010.
Tappan, Jennifer. "A Healthy Child Comes From A Healthy Mother" Mwanamugimu & Nutritional
Science in Uganda, 1935-1973. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2010.
Wood, Leonard G H. Reception of European Law, Origins of Islamic Legal Revivalism, and Foundations
of Transformations in Islamic Legal Thought in Egypt, 1875-1960. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Information Science
Gebremichael, Debretsion. Exploring the perception of users of community ICT centers on the
effectiveness of ICT on poverty in Ethiopia: A qualitative study. Ph.D., Capella U., 2011.
Ruginyte, Dovile. Representations of African women in the American and French press, 1990-2005.
Ph.D., Rutgers The State U. of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2011.
Calcamuggio, Jenniemarie. Public intellectual as rhetor: Employing epideictic rhetoric, ethos, and
technology to open spaces, promote participation, and encourage action [South Africa]. Ph.D., Purdue
U., 2010.
Chakrani, Brahim. A sociolinguistic investigation of language attitudes among youth in Morocco. Ph.D.,
U. of Illinois, 2010.
Perpinan-Hinarejos, Silvia. On L2 grammar and processing: The case of oblique relative clauses and
the Null-Prep phenomenon [Morocco]. Ph.D., U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 2010.
Smith, Candis Driver. Bwana asifiwe in the USA: Language and identity in East African Christian
fellowships in the United States. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2011.
Watts, Jarica Linn. Colonial language and postcolonial linguistic hybridity. Ph.D., U. of Utah, 2011.
Alaoui, Malika. Re-Reading Captivity in the Works of Three Moroccan Women Novelists of the 90s.
Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2010.
Benzohra, Salima. The Representation of the Women's History and the Paradoxes of the Collective
Autobiography in Assia Djebar's Novels [Algeria]. Ph.D., U. of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2010.
Brinnehl, Elizabeth. Medusa's blood: Lucan, Libya and the geography of anger. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin Madison, 2010.
Campbell, Cary. The Discursive Construction of the Ivorian Nation in the Period of Ivoirite. Ph.D., U. of
Pittsburgh, 2010.
Klein-Topan, Laura. La Mer et le soleil: Réflexions sur les tropes et la politique chez Albert Camus et
Assia Djebar [Algeria]. Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2011.
Kudsieh, Suha. Cultural encounters between East and West: Analyzing travel and encounter accounts
from a postcolonial perspective [Egypt]. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008.
McNair, Lucy. An Algerian primer: Mouloud Feraoun's "Le Fils du pauvre", translation commentary.
Ph.D., City U. of New York, 2011.
Messier, Vartan Patrick. Errancies of Desire: Subjectivity, Difference, and Proximity in Transnational
Film and Literature. Ph.D., U. of California, Riverside, 2011.
Neimneh, Shadi. J. M. Coetzee's 'postmodern' corpus: Bodies/texts, history, and politics in the
apartheid novels, 1974-1990. Ph.D., U. of Oklahoma, 2011.
Quinan, Christine Lisa. Remembering bodies: Gender, race, and nationality in the French-Algerian War.
Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2010.
Rebourcet, Severine. Les voix du volcan l'écriture du mal-être dans le roman féminin de l'ile de la
Réunion. Ph.D., U. of Maryland, College Park, 2010.
Russell, Tracy Mae. Opposition et résistance dans la littérature féminine africaine et antillaise. Ph.D.,
Queen's U. (Can.), 2010.
Sarr, Awa Coumba. Spectralite et critique de la laideur: L'engagement postcolonial dans la littérature en
français de la nouvelle génération d'écrivains africains. Ph.D., U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010.
Tegomo, Guy Beaudelaire. L'impact du cinéma dans le roman francophone d’Afrique noire. Ph.D.,
Queen's U., 2010.
Mass Communications
Alexander, Tesfa. Engaging rural community members as problem solvers: Application of health
communication to improve the quality of health care in southwest Uganda. Ph.D., U. of Memphis, 2010.
Dosunmu, Oyebade. Afrobeat, Fela and beyond: Scenes, style and ideology [Nigeria]. Ph.D., U. of
Pittsburgh, 2010.
Nevin, Timothy. Politics and popular culture: The renaissance in Liberian music, 1970-89. Ph.D., U. of
Florida, 2010.
Nnamani, Ndubuisi. A Study of Structuring and Patterning of Igbo Musical Resources in Contemporary
Nigerian Art-Music. Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2010.
Physical Sciences
Chin, Curtis D. Engineering Microdevices for Global Health Diagnostics [Rwanda]. Ph.D., Columbia U.,
Mera, Roberto Javier. Analysis and Prediction of West African Moist Events during the Boreal Spring of
2009. Ph.D., North Carolina State U., 2010.
Mero, Roberto Javier. Analysis and Prediction of West African Moist Events during the Boreal Spring of
2009. Ph.D., North Carolina State U., 2010.
Ndiaye, Ousmane. The Predictability of the Sahelian Climate: Seasonal Sahel Rainfall and Onset over
Senegal. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2010.
Vieira Agudelo, Sarah C. Temporal variations of monsoon systems. Ph.D., Georgia Inst. of Tech.,
Political Science
Abdulkadir, Rahma. Gender, transitional justice and failed statehood: Can the Somali traditional
customary law be the basis for viable and inclusive mechanism(s) of transitional justice for Somalia?
Ph.D., U. of Texas at Dallas, 2011.
Abel, Mucunguzi. Poverty eradication policies, governance and poverty eradication outcomes in
Uganda. Ph.D., U. Antwerpen (Belg.), 2010.
Barwig, Andrew. Ruling with rules: Electoral institutions and authoritarian resilience in the Middle East
[Morocco]. Ph.D., U. of Denver, 2010.
Brass, Jennifer. Surrogates for Government?: NGOs and the State in Kenya. Ph.D., U. of California,
Berkeley, 2010.
Dionne, Kim Yi. The Political Economy of HIV/AIDS Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., U. of
California, Los Angeles, 2010.
El Sharif, Ashraf Nabih. Democratization of Islamist movements in Egypt and Morocco: Political
opportunities, organizational frameworks, and the ideological marketplace. Ph.D., Boston U., 2011.
Elmi, Afyare. Possibilities for Peacebuilding: Challenges and Responses to the Somali Conflict. Ph.D.,
U. of Alberta (Can.), 2009.
Kraus, Joseph. The "business" of state-building: The impact of corporate social responsibility on state
development in Equatorial Guinea. Ph.D., U. of Florida, 2010.
Lewin, Paul A. Three Essays on Food Security, Food Assistance, and Migration [Malawi]. Ph.D.,
Oregon State U., 2011.
Markovits, Marton. External actors, local participation, and political reform in Africa: Ghana and Senegal
compared. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Milligan, Margaret (Maren). Power sharing or power-hoarding?: Conflict and democratic breakdown in
Nigeria and Lebanon. Ph.D., U. of Maryland, College Park, 2010.
Mohamud, Habiba. Famine, Displacement, and Destitution among Pastoralist Communities in
Northeastern Kenya. Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2010.
Orhan, Sebnem Gumuscu. No Bourgeoisie, No Moderation: The Changing Face of Political Islam in
Turkey and Egypt. Ph.D., U. of Virginia, 2010.
Samii, Cyrus. Microdynamics of war-to-peace transitions: Evidence from Burundi. Ph.D., Columbia U.,
Tagert, Adam C. Cybersecurity challenges in developing nations [Rwanda & Tunisia]. Ph.D., Carnegie
Mellon U., 2010.
Tynes, Robert M. Child Soldiers, Armed Conflicts, and Tactical Innovations [Sierra Leone]. Ph.D., State
U. of New York at Albany, 2011.
Williams, Susanna. Narratives from the slums of Nairobi: Exploring social and environmental influences
on mothers. Ph.D., U. of Virginia, 2010.
Zappile, Tina. North-South preferential trade agreements, trade, and armed conflict. Ph.D., U. of
Nebraska - Lincoln, 2011.
Allen, Stuart. Exploring the Nature of Flawed Leadership. Ph.D., Regent U.,2006.
Conton, Cassandra E. Push and Pull Migration Factors Influencing the Intrusive Experience and
General Health of Sub-Sahara Africa Refugees Post Conflict. Ph.D., Fielding Grad. U., 2011.
Nyirazinyoye, Laetitia. Effect of a community-based mentoring program on behavioral and educational
outcomes among children living in youth-headed households in Rwanda: Influential child and caregivers
characteristics [Rwanda]. Ph.D., Tulane U., 2011.
Obidoa, Chinekwu Azuka. The Impact of Social Change on Adolescent Sexual Behavior in Nigeria.
Ph.D., U. of Connecticut, 2010.
Peterson, Robin. Resilience and protective factors in female children and adolescents in northern
Tanzania. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Brinton, Jacquelene. Preaching Islamic Renewal: Shaykh Muhammad Mitwalli Sha`rawi and the
Syncretization of Revelation and Contemporary Life [Egypt]. Ph.D., U. of Virginia, 2009.
Ersulo, Wondaferahu Adnew. Bridging the gap: Towards developing appropriate leadership approach
for the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church. Ph.D., Fuller Theo. Sem., 2009.
Jenott, Lance. The "Gospel of Judas": Text, translation, and historical interpretation of "The Betrayer's
Gospel". Ph.D., Princeton U., 2011.
Yafeh-Deigh, Alice. A socio-rhetorical and cultural reappraisal of Paul's sexual and marital ethics in 1
Corinthians 7 [Cameroon]. Ph.D., Princeton Theo. Sem., 2010.
Aikhoje, Alexander. Social and family support and bicultural ethnic identity development: First-and
second-generation Nigerian-Americans in New York City. Ph.D., Capella U., 2011.
Castaneda, Ernesto. Exclusion and Everyday Citizenship: New York, Paris, Barcelona [Algeria &
Morocco]. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2010.
Kyei, Pearl. Essays on the economic and social demography of households [South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of
Pennsylvania, 2010.
Witty, Gordon. Egyptian verse drama: The case of Naguib Surur. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Lolwerikoi, Michael. Orality and the land: The impact of colonialism on Lmaa narratives in Kenya.
Ph.D., Asbury Theo. Sem., 2010.
Mayemba, Bienvenu. Christian liberation and postcolonial consciousness: Jean-Marc Ela's
reappropriation of African subjectivity and Christian promise [Cameroon]. Ph.D., Boston College, 2011.
Olatoyan, Isaiah Oluwajemiriye. The local church and the Great Commission: A biblical perspective on
the practice of evangelism and missions among churches of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. D.Miss.,
Southern Baptist Theo. Sem., 2011.
Peagler, Victoria. Blow the trumpet in black Zion: A phenomenological exploration of the Zionist
Christian church of South Africa. Ph.D., Fuller Theo. Sem., 2010.
Udotong, William. Transnational Migration and the Reverse Mission of Nigerian-led Pentecostal
Churches in the U.S.A.: A Case Study of Selected Churches in Metro Atlanta. Ph.D., Asbury Theo.
Sem., 2010.
Urban & Regional Planning
Allagoa-Warren, Anthonia. The role of the informal economic sector in municipal solid waste
management and water supply in urban sub-Sahara Africa: The case of Lagos, Nigeria. Ph.D., Texas
Southern U., 2010.
Ozumba, Victor. A comprehensive research on the management of electronic waste in sub Sahara
Africa: Opportunities and constraints. Ph.D., Texas Southern U., 2010.
Women's Studies
Ahamd Yahia, Awadiya. Diaspora Sudanese women's participation in peace building. Ph.D., State U.
of New York at Buffalo, 2011.