Supplement 93 (DAI Jan.-March 2012)

compiled by
Joseph J. Lauer (Michigan State University)
The U.S. and Canadian theses listed were below reported in Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI),
vol. 72, nos. 7-9 (Jan.-March 2012). This is the 93rd quarterly supplement to American and Canadian
Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses on Africa, 1974-1987 (1989).
Beedy, Tracy L. Evaluating the impact of Gliricidia sepium on soil organic matter in maize-based
cropping systems in southern Malawi. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2009.
Beh, Adam. Do you see what I see?: Photovoice, community-based research, and conservation
education in Samburu, Kenya. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2011.
Nwachuku, Anisa Khadem. Critiquing economic frameworks in sustainable development: Health equity,
resource management and materialism [Mozambique]. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Omondi, Emmanuel C. The potential of managing iron and zinc deficiency in dry beans with
interplantings of annual ryegrass [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of Wyoming, 2011.
Winkelman, Andrew Gene. The Clean Development Mechanism and Least Developed Countries: Key
Determinants for Enhancing Climate Change Mitigative Capacity with Case Study Analysis of Niger.
Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2011.
Ackatia-Armah, T Nana Mokoah. Producing life on the streets of Accra, Ghana: Young women, urban
space and agency. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2011.
Almer, Marisbel. Remembering Angola: Cuban internationalism, transnational spaces, and the politics
of memories. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2011.
Barrientos, Patricia Ivette. Nutrition and health of orphan and non-orphan children in Iganga District,
Uganda. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Buffalo, 2011.
Ben-Yehoyada, Naor Haim. Mediterranean, Becoming and Unbecoming: Fishing, Smuggling, and
Region Formation between Sicily and Tunisia since WWII. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Berbesque, Juilia Colette. Sex differences in food preferences, eating frequency, and dental attrition of
the Hadza [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Florida State U., 2010.
Biruk, Crystal. The production and circulation of AIDS knowledge in Malawi. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania,
Brada, Betsey. Botswana as a living experiment. Behr, U. of Chicago, 2011.
Carpenter, Shelby Elizabeth. Trust building in post-conflict West Africa: Urban Hunting societies in
Sierra Leone and The Gambia. Ph.D., Boston U., 2011.
Danforth, Elizabeth J. Adolescence is an Ocean: A Biocultural Investigation of Youth Food
Consumption in Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of South Florida, 2011.
Doughty, Kristin C. Contesting Community: Legalized Reconciliation Efforts in the Aftermath of
Genocide in Rwanda. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2011.
Eramian, Laura G. Situating ethnic difference: Personhood, power, and the 1994 Genocide in Butare,
Rwanda. Ph.D., York U. (Can.), 2011.
Gutierrez Alvarez, Maria Mercedes. Taxonomic and ecological characterization of a late Oligocene
mammalian fauna from Kenya. Ph.D., Washington U. in St. Louis, 2011.
Harrington, Lesley. Ontogeny of Postcranial Robusticity among Holocene Hunter-Gatherers of
Southernmost Africa [South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2010.
Hayes Bennesch, Nicole. Unequal partners: Sex, money, power, and HIV/AIDS in southern Malawian
relationships. Ph.D., Boston U., 2011.
Horlings, Rachel Lynelle. Of his bones are coral made: Submerged cultural resources, site formation
processes, and multiple scales of interpretation in coastal Ghana. Ph.D., Syracruse U., 2011.
Hunleth, Jean M. Being Closer: Children and Caregiving in the Time of TB and HIV in Lusaka, Zambia.
Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2011.
Imoagene, Onoso Ikphemi. The Second Generation in the U.S. and U.K.: Identity Work among Adults
of Nigerian Descent. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Kelley, Elizabeth Ann. Lemur catta in the Region of Cap Sainte-Marie, Madagascar: Introduced cacti,
xerophytic Didiereaceae-Euphorbia bush, and tombs. Ph.D., Washington U. in St. Louis, 2011.
Kennell, James Leslie. The senses and suffering: Medical knowledge, spirit possession, and
vaccination programs in Aja [Benin]. Ph.D., Southern Methodist U., 2011.
Knight, Ricky D. The long wait: African migrant communities and the production of local identity in
Istanbul, Turkey. Ph.D., Washington State U., 2011.
Matter, Scott Evan. Struggles over belonging: Insecurity, inequality and the cultural politics of property
at Enoosupukia, Kenya. Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2011.
Miller, Elizabeth M. Breastfeeding and Immunity in Ariaal Mothers and Infants [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of
Michigan, 2011.
Nibbe, Ayesha Anne. The Effects of A Narrative: Humanitarian Aid and Action in the Northern Uganda
Conflict. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2011.
Osotsi, Felistas Njoki. Interpreting Participation in Resistance: Memories of the Mau Mau War. Ph.D.,
U. of Virginia, 2011.
Pham, Theresa Thao. The Certificate of Virginity: Honor, Marriage and Moroccan Female Immigration.
Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Pietruszka, Andrew T. Artifacts of exchange: A multiscalar approach to maritime archaeology at Elmina,
Ghana. Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2011.
Winchester, Margaret. Living with globalization: The intersection of intimate partner violence and HIV
treatment in Uganda. Ph.D., Case Western Reserve U., 2011.
Biological Sciences
Axel, Anne C. Lemur-environment relationships in altered and unaltered tropical dry forests in southern
Madagascar. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2011.
Barrett, Mededith Ann. Understanding Environmental and Anthropogenic Drivers of Lemur Health in
Madagascar: The Importance of a One Health Perspective. Ph.D., Duke U., 2011.
Brown, Sarah Kathleen. The Use of Genetic Markers to Study the Human-Assisted Dispersal of
California Black Bears and Old-World Indigenous Dogs. Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2011.
Kimbirauskas, Ryan K. The role of macroinvertebrates in Buruli ulcer disease in Ghana, West Africa.
Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2011.
Korfanta, Nicole. The influence of habitat fragmentation on demography and extinction risk in a tropical
understory bird community [Tanzania]. Ph.D., U. of Wyoming, 2011.
Salamone, Damien Thomas. A Novel, Low-Cost Viral Load Diagnostic for HIV-1 and Assessing Barriers
to Adoption of Technology in Tanzania. Ph.D., Arizona State U., 2011.
Sam, Rebecca B. Taxonomy, phylogeny, and biogeography of the net-winged midges of Madagascar
(Diptera: Blephariceridae: Paulianina and Eupaulianina). Ph.D., Iowa State U., 2011.
Samberg, Leah H. Interacting forces in a human landscape: Patterns of diversity in an ancient Ethiopian
agroecosystem. Ph.D., U. of California, Santa Cruz, 2011.
Stark, Amy L. Developing lymphoblastoid cell line models for pharmacogenomic studies of anticancer
agents in an African population [Nigeria]. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2011.
Vary, Laura B. The evolution of dioecy and the maintenance of monoecy in the flora of Madagascar.
Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2011.
Visitacao, Joseph Martins. Multi-species Interactions in African Ant-Acacias. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Business Administration
Abdelbary, Ahmed Moustafa. Exploration of factors affecting adoption of biometric technology by fivestar Egyptian hotel employees. Ph.D., Iowa State U., 2011.
Buttram, Clifford Frederick. The African Union: An organizational leadership and management
phenomenological study. D.B.A., U. of Phoenix, 2011.
Moyer-Duncan, Cara L. Projecting Nation?: Cinema and the Creation of a National Identity in PostApartheid South Africa. Ph.D., Howard U., 2011.
Wood, Rulon Matley. Hypertext and ethnographic representation: A case study [Democratic Republic of
Congo]. Ph.D., U. of Utah, 2011.
Earth Sciences
Bedaso, Zelalem Kubsa. Stable Isotope Studies of Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate from Afar,
Ethiopia. Ph.D., U. of South Florida, 2011.
Bellucci, Jeremy J. The Micron Scale Lead Isotopic Systematics of the Lower Continental Crust
[Tanzania & Mozambique]. Ph.D., U. of Maryland, College Park, 2011.
Sertich, Joseph John-Warren. Basal Mesoeucrocodylian Morphology and Phylogenetic Systematics
[Tanzania & Mozambique]. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Stony Brook, 2011.
Vinson, David Stewart. Radium Isotope Geochemistry in Groundwater Systems: The Role of
Environmental Factors [Morocco]. Ph.D., Duke U., 2011.
Wolak, Jeannette Marie. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of a deepwater transient fan on the
continental slope: The Late Miocene Isongo Formation, equatorial West Africa. Ph.D., Montana State
U., 2011.
Amoah-Boampong, Cyrelene Merrilyne. Contesting the state in Ghana's cocoa trade: The case of the
Kuapa Kokoo Farmers' Union, 1957-2004. Ph.D., Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale, 2011.
Assiotis, Andreas Andonis. Does democratization affect growth across time or space?. Ph.D., Southern
Illinois U. at Carbondale, 2011.
Bekit, Ocbamariam. Explaining Sub-Sahara Africa's recent economic growth acceleration. Ph.D.,
Fordham U., 2011.
Brown, Zachary Steven. The Economics of Malaria Vector Control [Tanzania & Uganda]. Ph.D., Duke
U., 2011.
Bubb, Ryan John. Essays in Institutional Economics [West Africa]. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Comfort, Alison Bingham Essays in Health Economics: Using Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa.
Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Dadzie, Richard B. Developmental state and agriculture for development: Lessons for Ghana from East
Asia. Ph.D., U. of Missouri - Kansas City, 2011.
Goldberg, Jessica A. Experimental Evidence about Earning, Saving, and Borrowing Money in Rural
Malawi. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2011.
Kizito, Andrew Muganga. The structure, conduct, and performance of agricultural Market Information
Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa [Mozambique]. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2011.
Kwak, Sungil. Essays on Poverty and Charity [Ethiopia]. Ph.D., George Washington U., 2011.
Matabisi, Lukumu Nicodeme. Microfinance as a tool for financial services reconstruction in post-conflict
communities: A study of post-conflict microfinance in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ph.D.,
Southern New Hampshire U., 2010.
Ntoko, Kidaya Didier. Roads and Development under Dictatorship: A Study of the Democratic Republic
of Congo. Ph.D., New School U., 2011.
Parra, Juan Carlos. Essays on Cooperation and Social Insurance [Ghana]. Ph.D., Georgetown U.,
Phillips, Shannon. Essays on HIV, marriage and education in Sub Saharan Africa [Zambia]. Ph.D.,
Boston Coll., 2011.
Shapira, Gil. How subjective beliefs about HIV infection affect life-cycle fertility: Evidence from rural
Malawi. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2011.
Ssozi, John M M. Essays on monetary policy and currency unions: The case of the East African
Community. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2011.
Tanaka, Shinsuke. Empirical essays on environmental and health economics in developing countries
[South Africa]. Ph.D., Boston U., 2011.
Tuju, Sila. Examining the Relationship between Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Activity among
African Immigrants in America. Ph.D., Northcentral U., 2011.
Wing, Coady. Three essays on voluntary HIV testing and the HIV epidemic [Eastern Africa]. Ph.D.,
Syracuse U., 2010.
Addom, Benjamin Kwasi. Knowledge brokering in the digital age: The case of an agricultural innovation
system [Ghana]. Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2010.
Arhebamen, Osemwonyenmwen A. Strategies for Identifying Learning Disability in Limited English
Proficient Students: A Case of Nigeria's Edoland. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Aydin, Hasan. The Educational Effectiveness of Guelen-inspired Schools: The Case of Nigeria. Ph.D.,
U. of Nevada, Reno, 2011.
Biswalo, Tage A. Policy processes in relation to language in Tanzania: Examining shifts in language
policy. Ph.D., U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010.
Cishahayo, Fabien. Communication, développement et appropriation des medias émergents en Afrique
francophone subsaharienne: Approche critique. Ph.D., U. of Montreal (Can.), 2011.
Domfeh-Boateng, Joseph. An inquiry into the selection and spiritual formation of Catholic public school
lay principals in Ghana. Ph.D., Fordham U., 2011.
Ezeanya, Chika A. Education and Indigenous Knowledge in Africa: Traditional Bonesetting and
Orthopaedic Medicine in West Africa. Ph.D., Howard U., 2011.
Healy, Meghan Elisabeth. "A World of Their Own": African Women's Schooling and the Politics of Social
Reproduction in South Africa, 1869 to Recent Times. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2011.
Islam, Faisal. 'New teachers for new times?': A participatory evaluation of a school-university
partnership to improve novice teacher education in rural South Africa in the age of AIDS. Ph.D., McGill
U. (Can.), 2010.
Kaniu, Peninah. Critical hermeneutic inquiry in Kagaa, Kenya: Refiguring village health education
through community inquiry. Ed.D., U. of San Francisco, 2011.
Karanja, Lucy W. An investigation into the educational experiences and support for urban Sudanese
refugee children in Kenya: An ethnographic case study. Ph.D., U. of Western Ontario (Can.), 2010.
Larbi-Apau, Josephine A. Computer attitude, and the impact of personal characteristics and information
and communication technology adoption patterns on performance of teaching faculty in higher
education in Ghana, West Africa. Ph.D., Wayne State U., 2011.
Louw, Julia S. Teachers' and child care providers' views of sexuality, HIV and AIDS education in
working with learners with disabilities in special needs schools in South Africa. Ph.D., Michigan State
U., 2010.
Mian bi, Sehi Antoine. Usages et compétence TIC en formation initiale a l'ENS d'Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire):
le cas des formateurs et des futurs enseignants. Ph.D., U. of Montreal (Can.), 2010.
Michailakis-Kambouris, Ermioni. Education as instrument of dominion: British colonial and early Soviet
education. D.A., St. John's U., 2011.
Mwalimu, Michelle. Access, quality, and opportunity: A case study of Zambia Open Community Schools
(ZOCS). Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2011.
Ngnoulaye, Janvier. Étudiants universitaires du Cameroun et les technologies de l'information et de la
communication: Usages, apprentissages et motivations. Ph.D., U. of Montreal (Can.), 2011.
Odugu, Desmond Ikenna. Education language policy process in multilingual societies: Global visions
and local agendas in India, Nigeria and UNESCO. Ph.D., Loyola U. Chicago, 2011.
Onwughalu, Obiefuna J. Parental involvement in a new environment: Igbo families in Chicago and the
education of their children-a narrative inquiry. Ed.D., DePaul U., 2011.
Reilly, Leigh Ann. Zimbabwe Ruins: Claims of responsibility within speculations on psycho-social
experiences of exile and diaspora. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Reimers, Rebecca Anne. Influences of Personal Culture on the Writing of a Deaf Refugee High School
Student from Somalia. Ed.D., Walden U., 2011.
Sanders, Robin Renee. A phenomenology of Uli as a communication expression in four Nigerian
villages: Exploring its motifs, practitioners, and endangerment. D.Sc., Robert Morris U., 2010.
Takam Taguemne, Aureilie. Vers un outil d'évaluation du langage préscolaire et détecteur de
préalables pour l'éducation de base au Cameroun en cas de retard de langage. Ph.D., U. of Montreal
(Can.), 2011.
Weldegebriel, Mengistu H.. Factors that Affect the Decision of Refugee and Immigrant Students to
Pursue Higher Education in Tennessee: The case of Egyptian, Somali, Kurdish and Mexican Students.
Ed.D., Tennessee State U., 2011.
Wildish, Janet. Government Support for 'Private Schools for the Poor': A case study in Mathare informal
settlement, Kenya. Ph.D., U. of Maryland, College Park, 2011.
Fine Arts
Latif, Riyaz Mansur. Ornate Visions of Knowledge and Power: Formation of Marinid Madrasas in
Maghrib al-Aqsa [Morocco]. Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2011.
Swigert, Margaretta. Globalizing Kenyan culture: Jua kali and the transformation of contemporary
Kenyan art: 1960-2010. Ph.D., Loyola U. Chicago, 2011.
Chikanda, Abel. Emigration of medical doctors from Zimbabwe: Migrant experiences, transnational
linkages and prospects for diasporic engagement. Ph.D., U. of Western Ontario (Can.), 2010.
Elias, Marlene. Transforming nature's subsidy: Global markets, Burkinabe women and African shea
butter. Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2010.
Hirbo, Jibril Boru. Complex genetic history of East African human populations. Ph.D., U. of Maryland,
College Park, 2010.
Muhajir, Makame Ali. How Planning Works in an Age of Reform: Land, Sustainability, and Housing
Development Traditions in Zanzibar. Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2011.
Sambu, Daniel. Water reforms in Kenya: A historical challenge to ensure universal water access and
meet the Millennium Development Goals. Ph.D., U. of Oklahoma, 2011.
Schwartz, Sarah E. Bodies, Identities and Behavioral Choices: How Focusing on the Contextual
Factors that Contribute to Swazi University Students' Sex-Related Decisions Could Enhance onCampus HIV/AIDS Campaigns. Ph.D., U. of South Carolina, 2011.
Health Sciences
Dhamani, Khairunnisia Aziz. Tanzanian Nurses' Understanding of Spirituality and Practice of Spiritual
Care. Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2011.
Edmonds, Andrew Jay. The effects of highly active antiretroviral therapy on survival and CD4 cell
percentage in HIV-infected children in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Ph.D., U. of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2011.
Emeka, Paul C. The Impact of Culture and Religion on the Healthcare Seeking Behavior Amongst the
Residents of Anambra State, Nigeria with Regards to Malaria Treatment. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Lamb, Matthew Raymond. Patient non-retention, loss to follow-up and death after ART initiation at HIV
care and treatment facilities in sub-Saharan Africa: the influence of adherence support and outreach
services. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Mante, Aristotle Asiedu. An initial analysis of the effectiveness of Ghana's National Health Insurance
Scheme on access to healthcare in the New Juaben Municipal District. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Ogbolu, Yolanda. Neonatal Mortality in Nigeria: The Impact of Nurse Work Organization. Ph.D., U. of
Maryland, Baltimore, 2011.
Owusu-Boakyewaah, Olivia. The cultural context of Alzheimer's disease: The impact of perception and
knowledge on willingness to seek medical help among Ghanaian immigrants in the United States.
Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth U., 2011.
Thuma-McDermond, Wanda. A focused ethnography: Nursing students' perceptions of cultural
competence and social justice [Zambia]. Ph.D., Widener U. Sch. Of Nursing, 2011.
Aerni-Flessner, John. 'If we govern ourselves, whose son is to govern us?': Youth, independence and
the 1960s in Lesotho. Ph.D., Washington U. in St. Louis, 2011.
Al-Arian, Abdullah Al-Amin. Heeding the call: Popular Islamic activism in Egypt (1970-1981). Ph.D.,
Georgetown U., 2011.
Bowler, K A. "It is Not in a Day That a Man Abandons His Morals and Habits": The Arab Bureau, Land
Policy, and the Doineau Trial in French Algeria, 1830-1870. Ph.D., Duke U., 2011.
Bugaighis, Saad. The Italian Invasion of Libya in 1911 and the Nineteen Years of Libyan Resistance.
Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2011.
El Gabry, Dina Mohamed. Chairs, stools, and footstools in the New Kingdom: Production, typology, and
social analysis [Egypt]. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2010.
Hargrove, Jarvis Lamar. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: The Gold Coast, the Asante and the Era of
Illegal Slave Trading, 1807-1874. Ph.D., Howard U., 2011.
Kelly, Chau P Johnsen. A Tale of Two Cities, Mikindani and Mtwara: Consuming Development in
southeastern Tanganyika, 1910-1960. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2011.
Luke, Kimberly Alana. Peering through the lens of Dinshwai: British imperialism in Egypt 1882-1914.
Ph.D., Florida State U., 2010.
Prichard, Andreana. African Christian Women and the Emergence of Nationalist Subjectivities in
Tanzania, 1860-1960s. Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2011.
Rankin, John. Healing the 'African body' in the age of abolition?: British medicine in West Africa, circa
1800-1860. Ph.D., McMaster U. (Can.), 2010.
Ratzan, David M. Contract Norms and Contract Enforcement in Graeco-Roman Egypt. Ph.D.,
Columbia U., 2011.
Schmitt, Paul Daniel. From colonies to client-states: The origins of France's postcolonial relationship
with sub-Saharan Africa, 1940-1969. Ph.D., U. of Maryland, College Park, 2011.
Walton-Hanley, Jennifer A. Reversing the middle passage: The American Colonization Society and
race relations, 1816-1964 [Liberia]. Ph.D., U. of Kentucky, 2009.
Weiskopf, Julie Marie. Resettling Buha: A Social History of Resettled Communities in Kigoma Region,
Tanzania, 1933-1975. Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2011.
Williams, Malayna Evans. Signs of creation: Sex, gender, categories, religion and the body in ancient
Egypt. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2011.
Information Science
Kouame, Bouaffo J. The digital divide in Cote d'Ivoire: The impact of information and communication
technologies (ICTS) on education. Ph.D., Capella U., 2011.
Nwatu, Gideon U. Biometrics Technology: Understanding Dynamics Influencing Adoption for Control of
Identification Deception Within Nigeria. Ph.D., Walden U., 2011.
Wyche, Susan Porter. Investigating religion and computing: A case for using standpoint theory in
technology evaluation studies [Kenya]. Ph.D., Georgia Inst. Of Tech., 2010.
Rabahi Boudaba, Khedidja. Women's representations in the Algerian print media. Ph.D., Tulane U.,
Diop-Hashim, Aissatou. "Sanni kaddu": A la redécouverte du discours féministe au Sénégal. Ph.D., U.
of Maryland, College Park, 2011.
Mohamed Hassan Mohamed, Rania. Les croyances des enseignants et des apprenants adultes quant
a la rétroaction corrective a l'oral et la pratique réelle en classe de français langue étrangère en Egypte.
Ph.D., U. of Montreal (Can.), 2011.
Nash, Carlos M. Tone in Ekegusii: A Description of Nominal And Verbal Tonology [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of
California, Santa Barbara, 2011.
Ibrahim, Ahmed Fekry. School boundaries and social utility in islamic law: The theory and practice of
Talfiq and Tatabbu` Al-Rukhas In Egypt. Ph.D., Georgetown U., 2011.
Muamba Kalala, Andre. Le droit du clerc a la rémunération selon le c. 281, §1 du CIC/83 et son
application aux prêtres en paroisses au Congo-Kinshasa. Ph.D., U. of Ottawa (Can.), 2010.
Paquin, Julie. Business Law Transplants and Economic Development: An Empirical Study of Contract
Enforcement in Dakar, Senegal. D.C.L., McGill U. (Can.), 2010.
Ramarolahihaingonirainy, Anthony. La réception du concept d'indépendance de la magistrature a
Madagascar. LL.D., U. of Montreal (Can.), 2010.
Vrasti, Wanda. The self as enterprise: Volunteer tourism in the Global South [Ghana]. Ph.D., McMaster
U. (Can.), 2010.
Library Science
Kosciejew, Marc. Documenting race and ethnicity: The documentary construction of racial and ethnic
identities in Apartheid South Africa. Ph.D., U. of Western Ontario (Can.), 2010.
Berdichevsky, Leon Ernesto. Distorted historical fictions of the Holocaust, the Chilean dictatorship, and
the Algerian War of Independence. Ph.D., U. of Toronto, 2008.
Dotson-Renta, Lara N. Traslados: Re-routing Spanish moorishness [Morocco]. Ph.D., U. of
Pennsylvania, 2011.
Hounfodji, Raymond Gnanwo. Politiscopie du roman africain francophone depuis 1990. Ph.D., U. of
Arizona, 2011.
Iwuanyanwu, Obiwu. In the name of the father Lacanian reading of four white South African writers.
Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2011.
Izzo, Justin. Citizens of a Genre: Forms, Fields and Practices of Twentieth-Century French and
Francophone Ethnographic Fiction. Ph.D., Duke U., 2011.
Leman, Peter. Literature, Law, and Oral Culture in East Africa. Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2011.
Lewis, Adam Charles. Naturalizing Empire: Citizenship, Sovereignty, and Antebellum American
Literature [Liberia]. Ph.D., U. of California, San Diego, 2011.
Van Deventer, Rachel. L'Argentinité et la naissance de la femme-sujet dans la littérature algérienne
contemporaine. Ph.D., U. of Ottawa (Can.), 2010.
Mass Communications
Bishai, Sally. Collectivism, communication, and cultural conflict: The dialogical acculturation of Christian
Egyptians in the diaspora. Ph.D., Florida State U., 2010.
Duru, Annie N. Understanding Men's Interference in Women's Empowerment and Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria: A Gender Comparison. Ph.D., Howard U., 2011.
Guta, Hala A. Voices of a Nation in a Contested Social Space: Radio and Conflict Transformation in
Sudan. Ph.D., Ohio U., 2011.
Mohamed, Ali Sayed. Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Blogs, Bloggers, and the Public Sphere in
Egypt. Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2011.
Rumph, Rachelle Sussman. I am African: Branding Africa through the gaze of philanthropy. Ph.D.,
New York U., 2011.
Vernon, Desrene L. A Historical Analysis of Adventist World Radio's Impact in the East Central Africa
Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church: A Case Study of Tanzania. Ph.D., Howard U., 2011.
Behr, Erik. An Oboe and Oboe d'Amore Concerto from the Cape of Africa: A Biographical and
Analytical Perspective. D.M.A., Rice U., 2011.
Font-Navarrete, David. Bugarabu: Musical process, virtuosity, and creativity in Jola solo drumming
[Gambia & Senegal]. Ph.D., York U. (Can.), 2011.
Jo-Keeling, Simon Robert. Musicking Tradition in Place: Participation, Values, and Banks in Bamileke
Territory [Cameroon]. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2011.
Kyker, Jennifer Wyatt. A person among others: Music, morality, and postcolonial politics in the songs of
Oliver Mtukudzi [Zimbabwe]. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2011.
Strawn, Cullen Buckminster. Kunfe ko: Experiencing uncertainty in Malian Wasulu hunters' music
performance and hunting. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2011.
Physical Sciences
Henriques, Justin Joseph. Methodology for the systematic selection, design, and implementation of
sustainable distributed household energy infrastructure in developing countries [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of
Virginia, 2011.
Khan, Sadiq Ibrahim. Satellite remote sensing and hydrologic modeling for flood monitoring in data poor
environments [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of Oklahoma, 2011.
Mbakwe, Anthony Cyril. Modeling highway traffic safety in Nigeria using Bayesian network. D.Eng.,
Morgan State U., 2011.
Owusu-Nimo, Frederick. Investigating linkages between engineering and petrophysical properties of
unconsolidated geomaterials and their geoelectrical parameters [Ghana]. Ph.D., Duke U., 2011.
Political Science
Addo, Millicent. Externally assisted development projects in Africa: Implementation and public policy.
Ph.D., Southern U. and A. & M. Coll., 2011.
Aikins, Kenneth Shelton. Can local governments be effective?: Case studies of post-independence
Ghana. Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2011.
Armstrong, Kimberley. Contested Peace, Contested Justice: Discourse, Power and International Justice
in Northern Uganda. Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2011.
Arnell, Ruth J. The Most Affected Principle: A foundation for ethical cosmopolitical governance. D.A.,
Idaho State U., 2011.
Ayelazuno, Jasper. Neo-liberalism and Resistance in Ghana: Understanding the Political Agency of the
Subalterns in Social-historical Context. Ph.D., York U. (Can.), 2011.
Bell, Curtis. Spending on stability: The relationship between public goods provision and regime survival.
Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder, 2011.
Boda, Michael D. A new generation in election observation: International law as a standard for electoral
practice. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2011.
Grant, Bruce Ormond. Humanitarian Development in Zimbabwe, 1995-2005. Ph.D., Howard U., 2011.
Grossman, Guy. Essays on Leadership Selection and Public Goods Provision in Self-Help
Organizations. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2011.
Hobdari, Niko. Africa's recent economic revival: Role of policies, politics and institutions. Ph.D., U. of
Maryland, College Park, 2010.
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