January 2015 CSC Minutes - Bill Roberts K


CSC January 12, 2016


Meeting began by discussing current student numbers by grade. Numbers were lower than projected. Kinder enrollment was down across the board, (from 15466 down to 13918.

Advanced Kindergarten discussion: Principal Lea supports this program for several reasons. (Provides opportunity and helps to diversify student population.

Additionally, children typically continue on at Bill Roberts. (About 10 students from ADK last year were from outside the district and are now enrolled in 1st grade.

Current enrollment per grade: o (See sheet)

Prelim budget discussion for the 2016-2017 school year. Budget will be based on the following numbers: o K - 107, 1st - 98, 2nd - 108, 3rd - 108, 4th - 101, 5th - 97, 6th - 60, 7th -

65, 8th - 61. o Focus will be on Kindergarten. Whether 5 classes should be maintained, or if 4 classes makes more sense. o Class sizes become larger since the classes go down from 5 to 4, and extra support in those classrooms is greatly needed. o Focus will also be on the 4th grade and 5th grade classrooms. (Whether or to advocate for 4 - 4th grade classes and 4 - 5th grade classes.) Class sizes are large for the same reason as 1st grade. Extra support is needed. o Consensus was that the CSC committee will wait until enrollment (the choice process) is completed before making any decisions (so they are based on the most accurate numbers.

Feb 16 will be deadline for staffing decisions.

Rumor is that the budget will remain the same as current year. Which was lower than previous years!

Next meeting will also focus on Specials. The Music, Art, Dance and Drama Mill

Levy fund. How much to allocate toward each special?

This will determine what else we can pay for ourselves. (The district pays for 2, and we pay for 1.5)

PTA plans on committing for 2 teachers and some paras (number TBD)

Update on STEAM lab: o Currently applying for a very large grant (150k). This would pay solely for the curriculum. o Teachers, computers, and other materials will need to be covered. An estimated amount of 60k will be needed. Other smaller grants are also in the process of being completed.

School Auction is on March 19th at the Breckenridge Brewery. Donations are currently being collected. Tickets are on sale, and the price will continue to increase as the date gets closer. Buy tickets now!

The next CSC meeting will be on Thursday, January 28th. This will be an extended meeting.