Public Personnel Administration

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Personnel Management in GovernmentPolitics and Process, Jay M. Shafritz,
Norma M. Riccucci, David H.
Reosenbloom, Albert C. Hyde. Marcel
Dekker, Inc. 1993.
Personnel Administration in the
Philippine Government. Daisy PeraltaBuendia, Daniel T. Buendia. National
Book Store.
Public Administration, The Business of
Government, Jose P. Leveriza. National
Book Store. 2003 Reprint.
Public Administration By the Year 2000,
Papers presented during the Fourth
National Conference on Public
Administration, . Edited by Proserpina
Domingo Tapales, Nestor N. Pilar,
University of the Philippines Press 1995.
Personnel Management in the 21st
Century, Perfecto S. Sison, Personnel
Management Association of the Phils.
Ethics, Government and Public Policy,
James S. Bowman and Frederick A.
Alliston. Greenwood Press. 1988
Ethics in Public Office. 23 Essays,
Compiles by Patricia Sto. Tomas,
Revised Administrative Code of 1987,
E.O. 292.
Published CSC Resolutions and
Memorandums Circulars:
List for 1993-2004
CSC Memorandum Circulars-2007
CSC Memorandum Circulars-2008
CSC Memorandum Circulars-2009
CSC Omnibus Rules of Leave Rule
XVI, Book V, E.O. 292.
- CSC Compendium on Sexual
Harassment Cases. Vol. II (20012008)
Compilation of Speeches and Lectures
- Ethics, Excellence, EmpowermentCSC At Its Bets. Cora A. De Leon
- Dreams For the Bureaucracy, Karina
Constantino David.
Other Reference Materials and
Publications Accessed Through the
I. Overview on Human Resource/Personnel
Management and Public Personnel
II. The Administrative Machinery and Its Inner
Workings the Philippine Civil ServiceRevised Administrative Code of 1987/Civil
Service Law
Republic Act No. 6541 – An Act to
Ordain and Institute a National Building
Code of the Philippines
III. Recruitment, Examination, Selection,
Appointments, Movements
Staffing and Employment
IV. Compensation
EC Policy Issuances
VI. Public Conduct and Ethics
Republic Act No.6713
Rules Implementing the Code of
Conduct and Ethical Standards for
Public Officials and Employees ( R.A. No.
VII. Career/Personnel Development
Presidential Decree No. 807
V. Working Hours and Absences
VIII. Performance Rating/Evaluation
IX. Employee Services/Working Relations
XI. Separation From Service
XII. Rationalization Plans/Reorganization
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