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Anthony Howe, M Sc.
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1814 Urquhart Ave.,
Courtenay, BC V9N 3K9
June 30, 2002
Dr. Nigel Horspool
Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria
PO Box 3055, Victoria, BC
V8W 3P6
Dear Dr. Horspool,
After reading the job description for the Senior Instructor position posted on the
department web page, I am very enthusiastic about submitting my curriculum vitae for
I have just completed my Master of Science degree in Computer Science at the University
of Victoria. Throughout my graduate studies I participated as a TA in CSc 320, CSc 360,
and CSc 460/560. My position as TA has provided me experience in teaching to class
sizes of up to 80 students. I gave one lecture to a CSc 460 class. I like keeping up with
the latest developments in Computer Science and I enjoy sharing new knowledge,
understandings, and insights with others.
My university and industry background has provided me experience in working together
with others. I have acquired excellent interpersonal skills and a willingness to accept new
ideas and challenges. I have confidence and a real drive to learn.
I have attached my curriculum vitae and references. I am very excited at the possibility of
returning to the Department of Computer Science as a Senior Instructor and look forward
to hearing from you soon.
Yours truly,
Anthony Howe
Attachments: curriculum vitae (cv.doc)
references (references.doc)