Mystery Genre Book Project

Character Project
We have been looking at pictures of children from the Industrial Revolution. Your
task is to choose a child and become that person. You will write a character
introduction in 3 or more paragraphs.
Let’s go over the specifics. Your paragraphs must be:
 Written in the “voice” of your character
 Typed in 14 point font
 Font must be either Calibri, Comic Sans, Lucida Handwriting
Before you start on your paragraphs though, you need to consider some
Who are you? What is your name? Your age? Are you an only child? Where are
you from? Where do you live?
What are you doing? What is your job? Why are you working? How much money
do you make? What do you do with your money? What are your hours? What are
the working conditions?
What do you want? What are your hopes? Your dreams? They could be simple
wishes or big dreams, but remember how old your character is. What would
someone of that age, at that time (late 1800’s) wish for?
You have just finished a book club which could be helpful when considering these
questions. You may also need to do some research. You should have at least 2
different sources. Mostly though, you will need to use your imagination.
Become your character!
Character Project
Planning Sheet
Who are you?
What do you see?
What questions do you have?
Where are you from?
Where do you live?
What are you doing?
Why are you working?
How much do you make?
Hopes and Dreams?