How to and why create Large Print Documents

How to create Large Print Documents
FACS, including your agency, should produce large
print versions of materials being distributed to an
external audience where there may be older people
or people with a vision impairment.
Use this document as your template for a large print
Use Arial font type and at least 18 point. Bold and
underlines are ok to use when differentiating
headings etc, but not italics.
Leave a 1.25 space between the lines.
Headings and sub-headings should be larger and
bolder than regular large print text. Once again
bolding or underlining can be used, but not italics.
Paragraphs in large print should be block style and
use 2.5 cm margins. The left margin should be
justified and the right hand margin should not be
justified. There should be no indentations for
delineate paragraphs.
What to avoid
Columns and divided words.
Bullet points
More information
This fact sheet has been written with guidance from
the Vision Australia website.
Your communications team can help with deciding
when a large print document should be created.
Your communications team can also help you
produce big documents in large print. You may be
required to cover associated costs.