Design Process Paper

Design Process Paper
This paper is very akin to the research design paper you will write in 7th grade for
your G/T Science project (if you are in G/T Science). In this paper you will
describe three alternative ideas or features the team considered for this
ExploraVision project. The ideas and features should be directly related to the
project, not a list of other projects you may have submitted. Describe why the team
rejected each feature and idea in favor of the ones in the submitted ExploraVision
technology. Describe how your future technology feature is better than the rejected
design feature.
 Your opening paragraph should describe how you came up with the
idea for your project
o What is the reason behind why you are doing this? Here you
may get personal. Describe any reasons why you chose this
exact project. Did you speak with someone about coming up
with the idea? Does it personally help you?
 Your following paragraphs should be line a timeline of events.
Describe the different ideas you came up with before settling on your
current project idea.
 Make sure you describe why your current idea is the best idea out of
everything you came up with.
 If you did not have three alternative ideas, describe different features
you were going to include but did not. Make sure you say why you did
not do this.
 When you are done with the written paper we will scan the drawing
you did during the 2nd week of school. This will show a good basic
blueprint of your idea.
Make sure it is still 11-12 point font, double spaced, and the same font you have
been using.
This paper will be due on Friday, November 14th but you may finish early.
Only 1 & ½ papers left to go!  Keep working hard and editing.