Receptionist Job Profile

Job Title:Function:Location:Job Type:Reports to:-
Reception Team Member
Reception work
Basingstoke & Tadley
Part-time/ Full Time
Reception Team Manager
Why does this role exist?
To be directly involved with the Client Care work of GP Vets Ltd either by face to face
interactions or via the various communication media used by the practice.
To arrange appointments for client’s pets to see the Vets in a timely manner.
To actively recommend The Healthy Pet Club, Pet Insurance and other promotions run by GP
Duties and Responsibilities
Correct handling of all client care activities and communications.
Implementing standardised systems and protocols as agreed with the Reception Team
Manager across the practice including invoicing, managing insurance claims and debt
Constantly improving the quality of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data on the
Practice Management System (PMS).
To assist the Marketing Manager in her work in implementing marketing initiatives.
At all times to maintain confidentiality for the Practice and all clients and patients.
Delivering Results
To consistently deliver customer satisfaction
to an exceptional level.
To achieve goals.
Building Relationships
To build strong and long-lasting relationships
with customers and colleagues.
To handle conflict effectively.
Coping with Pressure
Works well under high pressure.
Maintains a positive outlook
Measured By:
Monitoring client feedback – Active client
numbers and “willingness to recommend”.
Regular appraisals of team members –
purpose and morale.