Our School Improvement Plan for Literacy

Our School Improvement Plan for Literacy
Summary of main strengths as identified in last
SSE on
October 2013
Summary of main areas requiring improvement
as identified in last SSE
Improvement targets (related to pupils’
To improve Creative Writing
To introduce a spelling programme which
incorporates dictation.
More independent work, also a set of common
correction symbols are used by all teachers in the
All pupils will be encouraged to approach their own
tasks more independently and before they begin they
should consider carefully what needs to be done.
Target 1: To encourage children to consider carefully
what needs to be done each time they begin a task.
Target 2: To search for or compile our own structured
programme for creative writing and have an overall
school approach to teaching it.
Target3: To actively search for a new spelling
programme which incorporates dictation.
Required action (related to teaching and learning
that will help to achieve the targets)
Attainment of curricular objectives: Creative
Writing; From results of the SCOT analysis teachers
have stated that on average the children have limited
language and will need more practice with creative
writing. Also the teachers observed that our spelling
programme was poor and that we should alter it to
allow the children to be more challenged.
Pupil’s engagement in learning: Having studied
work samples we discovered that there was room for
improvement in children’s spellings and also that we
needed to expand their vocabulary in order to
improve their creative writing skills.
Teaching approaches: Each teacher is using the
Spellbound programme from 1st – 6th and we agreed
that this was limiting the children in relation to
learning spellings. Also we found that there is no
creative writing programme in place in the school and
this needed to be improved.
Persons responsible
Principal and Mrs K. Murphy, who is responsible for
English as part of her post will arrange the yearly
review. Each teacher is responsible for following
through with the plan in their classroom teaching.
Review Dates:
 Full review to take place Jun 2014
Timeframe for action
Target 1 between now and June 2013
Target 2 to begin in Sept 2013 until Jan 2014
Target 3 to begin in Jan 2014 until Jun 2014
Success criteria/measurable outcomes
Children should begin to demonstrate observable
improvements in approaching their own work.
Children should display a higher standard of work for
creative writing. This should be seen in the children’s
copy books.
There should be an obvious improvement on scores
for spelling tests and the exercise of learning
spellings for the children should be more enjoyable.
Review dates
June 2014
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