First and Second Conditionals Review and Practice

Review and Practice – First Conditional and Second Conditional
Conditionals are used when we talk about possible or hypothetical situations with if……
first conditional
if + present + will + verb
use when there is a real possibility
that something will happen in the
instead of will , we can use other
modal verbs like, can, might, may,
must, should
Will you wait for me if I am late?
second conditional
if + past + would + verb
instead of would, we can use could
or might
It might rain tomorrow, according
to the weather report. If it rains, I
will stay at home.
use when we imagine a situation or
when there is a very little or no
possibility that something will
It is raining right now. If it was
sunny, I would go outside.
What would you do if you found a
lot on money on the sidewalk??
Practice 1: Put the verb in the correct form to complete each sentence. Also determine which
sentence is first conditional or second conditional and why?
If global warming continues, temperatures __will rise___ (rise) even higher.
What would you do if you ___won________ (win) a million dollars?
If people stopped using cars completely, there _would be____ (be) much less pollution.
When it __rains________ (rain) again, I won’t forget to bring my umbrella.
If I spoke English fluently, I _would not need______ (not/need) to take lessons.
If Siberia _was not ______ (not/be) so cold, I’d go there in winter.
Tom will be at the party tonight. If I see him, I __will say_______ (say) hello.
If it __did not rain________ (not/rain) so much In England, you wouldn’t see so many
9. I _will call____ (call) you when I get home.
10. If you __could_____________ (can) choose any company, which company would you
like to work for?
First and Second Conditionals – Review and Practice