Conditional Probability & Independence

Conditional Probability & Independence
AP Stats 5.3
Day 2
You will be able to provide one or more of these skills for your group today:
When to Multiply Probabilities
using complex Probability Rules
Probability Problems
When to Add Probabilities
Tree Diagram
Conditional Probability Formula
Two Way Tables
Dependent Events
Independent Events
Captain: Read task card steps carefully, Make sure everyone does each question together
RR: Make sure all data gets recorded, Is everyone ready for a group shuffle quiz?
Facilitator: Watch the time, Keep the group moving, Does everyone understand?
RM: Team Questions, Make sure everyone has supplies, Organize clean up
Conditional Probability & Independence
Textbook Or Tablet, NSpire Calculator, Homework Notebook or Paper, Pencil
Task – The Conditions of Conditional Probability
Your group is to determine your best responses for the following questions out of the textbook.
5.3 Conditional Probability and Independence
o Start on page 329 complete #63-97 odds, 102-104
Final Product
 Today you will have a Participation Quiz!!
 Overall, you will be scored in two ways –
Your Participation Quiz Score
Completion of p.329
 When p.329 is complete
Correct your answers
Score your paper
Call the Teacher over to sign off your work
AP Stats 5.3
Day 2