aaec code of conduct

*Academic IntegrityPlagiarism is considered as the use of another person's work, regardless of
quantity (e.g. one sentence, paragraph or the entire product.) whether done
deliberately or not.
Such consiquences can result in but are not limited to : 1. No Credit 2.
Revocation of NHS Membership or 3. Disciplinary action.
* Closed campusFreshmen and Sophomores are NOT permitted to leave the school property
during the school day without following proper procedures and signing out at
the office. Juniors and Seniors under the age of 18 must have parental
permission to leave campus if they are going to miss any classes.
*Cell PhonesCell phones cannot be used during instructional time and must remain off and
out of sight. If you are caught using your cell phone during class time it will be
confiscated by the instructor and retrieved by your parent from the office.
*Excused AbsencesParents are responsible for excusing student absences by contacting the
office prior to an absence or calling the day of the absence before nine a.m.
by sending a written note or email. Normally only illness related absences are
excused absences. Doctor and dentist appointments will be excused with a
note from the doctors office. Absences not excused within 24 hours will
remain unexcused. However both excused and unexcused absences count
against the 90% attendance requirement.
*Tardy PolicyA student shall be considered tardy if they are not inside the classroom when
the class is scheduled to begin. Students arriving on campus after the class
begins must report to the office. A late arrival to school may be excused if a
parent calls in, provides a note, or accompanies the student to the office.
These excused tardies will be limited to three per semester. All others will be
considered unexcused.
*Food and Drink-
Absolutely no food, drink, or gum allowed in the classrooms. Only water is
*Late WorkLate assignments based on a 15% reduction in grade for each day x two
school days. After this two day grace period the grade will automatically revert
to a zero, unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.
*No PDA's on campusPDA's include but are not limited to: kissing, hugging, or other forms of
physical intimacy.
*PropertyStudents must respect school property. Any defacing, littering or trespassing
on private property is forbidden,
*BullyingWILL NOT BE TOLERATED. A healthy school environment must be free from
insults and intimidation. Any behavior intended to intimidate or demean others
violates school rules.
*Extra-Curricular ActivitiesStudents who participate in extra-curricular activities must be covered by
medical insurance. Medical coverage is the responsibility of the family.
Students must also earn passing grades in each of their courses to be able to
participate in any extracurricular activities.
*ClassroomsStudents are not allowed in classrooms without instructor supervision.