Pre-AP English II Syllabus - Pottstown School District

Pre-AP English II
Literature, Grade 10, Common Core Edition- Holt, McDougal
Vocabulary Workshop “F”- Jerome Shostak
Various supplemental texts
Mrs. Katie Minger- PHS English Department
The English II curriculum is designed to strengthen communication skills and stimulate creativity
through active participation in reading, writing, speaking, and memory building. Multicultural
literature is explored by analyzing short stories, plays, poetry, and
novels that focus on issues relevant to the lives of teenagers. Vocabulary building is emphasized.
Written expression is refined through completion of essays, book-related projects, and critical
reviews. Correct English usage and punctuation are reinforced.
Good oral expression is developed through lively presentations. Throughout the semester, memory
building is enhanced by practicing focus, understanding, and repetition.
UNIT 1- Plot, Setting, and Mood (2 weeks)
“Harrison Bergeron”- Kurt Vonegut
“To Build a Fire”- Jack London
from “Deep Survival”- Laurence Gonzales
“Exile”- Julia Alvarez
“Crossing the Border”- Joy Harjo
from “The Johnstown Flood”*
UNIT 2- Character Development (2 weeks)
“Shoofly Pie”- Naomi Shibab Nye
“The Possibility of Evil”- Shirley Jackson
“The Teacher Who Changed My Life”- Nicholas Gage
“The Gift”- Li- young Lee
Media Clip: from Finding Forrester
Unit 3- Narrative Devices (2 weeks)
“By the Waters of Babylon”- Stephen Vincent Benet
“There Will Come Soft Rains”- Ray Bradbury*
“There Will Come Soft Rains”-Sara Teasdale*
“The Doll’s House”- Katherine Mansfield
“The Man in the Water”- Roger Rosenblatt
Unit 4- Theme (1 week)
“The Interlopers”- Saki
“Tolerance”- E.M. Foster
“Letter from One Refugee to Another”- Andrew Lam
Unit 5- Author’s Purpose (2 weeks)
“The Plot Against People”- Russell Baker
“Blowup: What went Wrong...”-Sebastian Junger
“And of Clay We are Created”- Isabel Allende
“Girl, Trapped in Water for 55 Hours...”
Unit 6- Argument and Persuasion (1 week)
Drama- Inherit the Wind- Robert E. Lee or
Twelve Angry Men- Reginald Rose
Unit 7: The Language of Poetry (2 weeks)
Various Selections from Text and outside sources
Unit 8- Fiction Novel- The Voices and Perspectives of Childhood as Seen from
Adulthood or The Voices of Racial Perspective (5 weeks)
To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee or
A Lesson Before Dying- Ernest J. Gaines or
Night- Ellie Wiesel
Unit 9: Drama (2 weeks)
Othello- William Shakespeare and/or Antigone-Sophocles
Course Expectations and Non-Negotiable Requirements:
1. Be Respectful
Students are expected to respect each other, the classroom environment, the
instructor, and any and all visitors to the classroom.
Students are expected to respect any and all ideas, interpretations, and
discussions within the classroom.
Students are expected to respect themselves and others by abiding to all
classroom, school, and school district rules, procedures, and policies.
2. Be On Time
Students are expected to be on time for class. After the first lateness the student will
receive a verbal warning. An office referral and a detention and will be assigned for
every tardy thereafter.
3. Be Prepared
Students are expected to be prepared for class. ALL STUDENTS MUST BRING
4. Be Honest
Students are expected to do their own coursework at all times. Any form of cheating,
including plagiarism, will result in a zero for that particular assignment.
Homework: Students are expected to have the assigned work ready at the beginning of class.
Homework turned in late will result in an automatic 50% off of the assignment. Copied
homework will result in a 0% for all parties involved.
Grading Procedures: Grades are calculated on a weight/ percentage basis. This breakdown
will be provided to students. The grading scale is as follows:
93- 100= A
85- 92= B
77- 84= C
70- 76= D
Below 70= F
Absences: A student who has an excused absence(s) will be given the number of days absent
plus one to make up any missed work. No tests will be made up during the class period as class
time is extremely important. A student with an unexcused absence(s) will not be permitted to
make up work until the unexcused absence is changed to an excused absence. School procedures
require all unexcused absences to be documented with the attendance office within three days of
the absence. Students who are discovered to have cut class will be given a zero on all
assignments- including exams and projects- with no possibility of make- up.
If the student is aware of an assignment/test/quiz before he or she is absent from school they are
expected to have the assignment/test/quiz completed the day upon their return.
If there are ever any questions or if extra help is needed, please feel free to come after
school. I am here almost every Monday-Thursday after school until at least 4:00 PM.
Contact Information
Phone: 610-970-6700 x82264
Email: [email protected]
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