Algebra II Course Syllabus 2015-2016

Ms. Justine Anders
Phone #: 480-813-0051 ext #6701
Room: 7A
Office Hours: 6:55-7:25 T, TH
Textbook and Materials
We will be using the Carnegie Learning- Algebra II textbook. It is a consumable textbook and
students will need to tear out the respective chapter when notified and keep the current chapter in a 1-2
inch 3-ring binder. Students need to bring it to class every day since it will also be the student’s notebook.
It is important for the student to write in their textbook daily and be an active learner.
Graphing calculators (TI-84+) will be provided for use during class. It is highly recommended that
you have one at home to complete your homework. If you do not already own a graphing calculator,
Highland offers a calculator rental program, though there is a limited supply.
Attendance and Tardy Policy
Students are expected to attend class daily and arrive on time
The school’s policy on tardies will be followed. You are expected to be in your seat and ready for
class to begin when the bell sounds. 3rd tardy= 20 minute detention; 4th tardy= a parent phone
call, 5th tardy and all others after will result in a referral to administration.
Students are allowed 10 absences total throughout the semester, including excused and
unexcused absences (school excused absences are not included) before they may be denied
credit for a class. Upon reaching 8 absences, excused or unexcused, the student will
administratively be placed on an attendance contract, meet with their grade level administrator
and parents will be notified by email. Should students accumulate their 11th absence, they will be
placed on NO CREDIT STATUS for the semester in the particular course, meet with the grade level
administrator and be afforded the opportunity to appeal their absences for extenuating
circumstances by providing documentation for their absences. Should a student lose credit from
a class, they will not automatically be removed from the class and placed elsewhere. Please
regularly monitor your child’s attendance and grades within the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
Grades are based on several performance areas throughout the semester including; homework
and classwork, group work, binder checks, mid-chapter tests and end-of-chapter tests, and the final
exam. The final assessment and academic grades for the semester will be cumulative and will use the
weighted average and district grading scale given below:
Grading Categories
Final Exam
Mid-CH Tests/End-of-CH Tests
Algebra 2
A: 90%-100%
B: 80%-89.9%
C: 70%-79.9%
D: 60%-69.9%
F: 59.9%-below
(NOTE: Per department and district policy, grades will not be rounded at any time)
Homework/ Make-Up Work:
Homework in mathematics is comparable to practice in sports, music, and other extracurricular
activities: repeated practice of mathematic skills increases the student’s ability to perform. In order to be
successful in this class, homework must be completed, showing all work in an organized manner, in
PENCIL daily. Homework/Classwork will be checked by the teacher for completion only, though students
will be able to check answers and ask questions as needed. Work with just the answers will earn a 0
unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
Late homework will only be accepted if you have an excused absence. The school policy states that for
every EXCUSED day you are absent, you have ONE day to make-up missed assignments, etc. It is your
responsibility to find out what notes and assignments you missed and then turn in any homework to me.
Be proactive if you know ahead of time that you are going to miss class. If the absence is UNEXCUSED, NO
CREDIT will be given for that day’s assignment.
Answer keys to notes and homework will be posted on infinite campus at the teacher’s discretion.
Mid-chapter tests and chapter tests will be given for each chapter. Tests must be completed in
pencil by the end of the class period. Students must show all work that supports the correct answer to
receive full credit on assessments. An unexcused absence on a test/quiz day will result in a zero for that
score. Anyone caught cheating will also receive an automatic zero. Personal calculators will not be
allowed on assessments, but you will be able to use school calculators for assessments that require them.
Mid-Chapter tests must be made up prior to the chapter test. End-of-chapter tests must be made
up before the next chapter test is given. If the mid-chapter test or end-of-chapter test is not made up by
the specified time, the student will be expected to take the next assessment and will receive a zero on the
missed assessment. Arrangements must be made with the teacher prior to test make-up.
Tutoring and test make-up for excused absences is available during both lunch periods- room
1273 for fourth and room 1271 for fifth. When students come for tutoring, they need to bring their ID
along with an assignment and accompanying notes.
Communication from Teacher
An assignment calendar will be posted for this specific class on my teacher page and students will be
notified in class of assignments or assessments. Students must check this calendar daily and board daily
for any changes or announcements. Remind 101 will be used and instructions can be found on my
teacher page.
Classroom Procedures and Expectations
1. Come to class prepared (pencil, binder, assignments, book chapter)
2. Turn in all assignments in the respective class period bin.
3. Be in your seat working on the warm-up activities when the bell rings and remain in your assigned
seat. Maintain the orderliness of the desks.
4. The bell does not dismiss the class. Every student must be seated in their assigned seats before
the teacher dismisses the class.
5. Restroom: A pass will be issued to only one student at a time and will be issued sparingly. If you
do need to use the restroom, your phone must remain in your bag in the classroom.
Classroom Rules
1. Respect the classroom, your classmates, and the teacher.
2. Listen carefully to directions and follow them the first time they are given.
3. All electronic devices must remain off during class (bell to bell) and remain put away. Ear
buds/headphones/noisemakers must be put in bags or pockets during class (bell to bell).
4. Rude and inappropriate language (name calling, crude, sexual, ethic, or racial slurs) will not be
5. Behave in a manner that does not interfere with the learning process or endanger anyone.
6. No food or drink (except water in a clear, capped bottle) during class.
7. No hats and no sunglasses.
All school rules listed in the student handbook, including dress code, will be strictly enforced during class.
Consequences if you CHOOSE to Break a Rule
Verbal warning
Discussion/removal from the situation
Contact with parent/guardian
Contact with parents and administration
Note that most infractions will begin at the first step, with continuing offences progressing through each
successive consequence. Some infractions will necessitate a higher level of consequence on the first
Cell Phones will be confiscated if they are seen/heard/used during class. For the first offense, phone will
be returned after class; second offense, pick up after school; third offense, given to grade level
Academic Honesty
This is expected of all students. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to: direct copying
of homework, communication with other students during a quiz or test, using inappropriate
documentation during a test, or using an electronic communication device while testing. Any
student behavior that affects the integrity of homework, classwork, tests or quizzes will result in a
grade of 0 for the student(s) involved.
After reading the syllabus, please sign and return this portion. It is due by Monday, August 10th, 2015. This
is your first grade of the semester.
I have read and understand the rules and procedures of the class. If I have any questions, I will contact the
teacher. I will also acquire all the materials for the class before August 10th.
Student Signature:____________________________________________
Date :__________________
Printed Student’s Name: ________________________________________________ Period :__________
Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________________________Date: ________________
Parent/Guardian Printed Name ___________________________________________________________
E-mail (s): ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number (s):______________________________________________________________________
Supplies Checklist:
3-ringed binder 1-2” binder (for this class only)
Loose leaf paper (college- or wide-rule)
Graph paper (standard)
Correction pens (no black or blue ink)
Tabbed dividers
Protector sheets (Optional)