Name: Date:______ Hydrogen Emission Spectrum Calculations

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Hydrogen Emission Spectrum Calculations
1) What is the frequency of yellow light with a wavelength of 5.7 x 10-7 m?
2) What is the energy associated with green light with a wavelength of 5.4 x
10-7 m?
3) What is the speed of every type of radiation on the electromagnetic
4) Calculate the energy of an electron in energy level 4.
5) A certain electron has an energy of -4.45 x 10-20 J. What energy level is it
6) Calculate the E for the n=4 to n=2 transition in the hydrogen atom.
What is the frequency of light emitted for this energy change?
7) What wavelength is predicted by the Rydberg equation for each of these
electron transitions in the hydrogen atom?
a. n = 6 to n = 2
b. n = 4 to n = 1
8) A hydrogen atom falls to its ground state emitting light with a wavelength
of 1.03x10-7 m. What is the final energy level of the electron?
9) Is energy absorbed or released in the diagram below? Explain.
10) Why does hydrogen only emit four wavelengths of light in the visible
spectrum instead of every possible color of visible light?
11) Why can’t a single hydrogen atom emit all four colors simultaneously?
12) Below are diagrams for the line spectra of four elements and a mixture of
a. Which elements are not present in the mixture? Explain.
b. Which elements are present in the mixture? Explain?