RVT - Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange

RVT – Palo Alto, CA
Performs standard paraveterinary health care procedures. Procedures are typically performed without
detailed supervision, usually in a clinical or laboratory animal setting. Serves as department liaison to
research groups for animal health related matters.
Performs daily observations of animal colonies for signs of illness and follows-up on animals reported ill
or demonstrating abnormal behavior.
Reports animal health care problems and concerns to the veterinarian for consultation, advice or
instructions. Keeps investigative groups informed of all animal health related matters pertaining to their
Administers any necessary medications or treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian including followup procedures and daily documentation of all diagnostic and treatment procedures. Ensure that
treatment regimens are consistent with IACUC approved protocols.
Under the guidance of the Director of LAMD, conducts certain veterinary diagnostic procedures,
maintenance of preventive medicine programs which may include routine hematology, serology,
microbiology and parasitology on newly arriving animals, monthly prophylaxis on established colonies,
maintenance of sentinel animal program and submission of animals, tissue specimens, tumors and cell
lines, and pathological specimens to contract diagnostic laboratories.
Maintains current animal health, treatment and follow-up records.
Performs aseptic surgery, tissue collection, gross necropsies in accordance with veterinarian's
instructions, and appropriately prepares specimens for diagnostic laboratory processing.
Maintains sanitized, well-stocked and organized procedure rooms, necropsy room and surgical suite,
including preparing surgical packs, seeing that equipment and instruments are clean and functioning
Maintains current records of all medications ordered, stocked and dispensed.
Ensures routine quality control testing of cage wash and water purification and treatment systems.
Develop technical training modules, e.g., presentation videos, slides and posters and participates in
and/or conducts teaching and training activities by demonstrating techniques or procedures which are
recorded and maintained as official documentation for regulatory compliance.
Follows established client and department policies, procedures, objectives, performance improvement,
attendance, safety, environmental, and infection control guidelines. Practices a high level of integrity and
honesty in maintaining confidentiality.
Serves as liaison for adoption of animals and assesses incoming animal’s health reports under the
direction of the clinical Veterinarian.
Able to respond on weekends and holidays to veterinary emergency calls.
GLP/GMP experiences a plus. Performs other duties as assigned.
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Ignacio Barba Jr
Recruiter – Technical Staffing
West Region
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