Foldable will contain 4 sections

Foldable will contain 4 sections-Due Tomorrowopen foldable quiz!!
Section 1
Vocabulary with definitions.
Vocabulary is listed on page 218 and 230 in your text. Please highlite all
vocabulary words and use the definition found in the chapter. There are
17 words that include the review vocabulary on each of those pages
Section 2
Ionic Bonds
Please include how an ionic bond forms, what are the steps.
Which groups of elements are most likely to form ionic bonds? Explain
Use figure 3 on page 220 as a diagram in this section
What are the properties of an ionic bond? Page 222
Describe how ionic compounds dissolve in water
Which 2 categories of elements make up ionic bonds?
Section 3
Covalent Bonds
Show a Lewis dot diagram for the first 10 elements on the periodic table
Define covalent bond
Why share and not transfer?
List the properties of a covalent bond. Page 226
Diagram the following covalent bonds and circle each shared pair
H2 CO2 N2
****use your journal!!
Section 4
Metals and Metallic Bonds
List all of the properties of metals listed on pages 230 and 232
In a metallic bond, describe the movement of electrons-page 231
Please stable this document onto the back of your completed work.
Completed work 40 points
10 points per completed section
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