SCI 111

SCI 111 – Introduction to Physics and Chemistry
Chapter 9 FOCUS: Chemical Bonds
Key Concepts and Terms
Differentiate between an Atom and a Molecule
Know the aspects of Chemical Equations including difference between Reactant and Product
Define Chemical Reaction
Understand the importance of “Valence” Electrons and state the “Octet Rule”
SCI 111 Chapter 9 Focus: page 1 of 2
Key Concepts and Terms (Cont’d)
Define Chemical Bond and know the important aspects and difference between Ionic Bonds,
Covalent Bonds, and Metallic Bonds
Define Electronegativity and be able to apply it given Fig 9.10 or Table 9.5 on page 259
State what a Chemical Formula can tell you
Ionic versus Covalent Compounds and Formulas
 Know the basics about their naming
 Table 9.7 on page 263
Be able to apply electron dot notation to determine a chemical formula of a Covalent compound
Be able to use the “cross-over technique” to determine the formula of an Ionic Compound
SCI 111 Chapter 9 Focus: page 2 of 2
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