CHM 20_HW_Ch1

CHM 20
HW – Chapter 1
Name Dang - Key
Due Wednesday 9/7/12
Textbook problems:
12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 25, 35, 41
Additional problems:
1. Draw a Lewis structure for each of the following species:
a. H2CO
b. CH3NH2
2. List the bonds in order of decreasing polarity (i.e., list the most polar first)
a. C—O , C—F, C—N
b. H—O, H—N, H—C
C—F > C—O > C—N
H—O > H—N > H—C
3. Predict the approximate bond angles:
a. The C—N—C bond angle in
b. The H—C—N bond angle in (CH3)2NH
c. The C—O—C bond angle in CH3OCH3
4. Sodium methoxide (CH3ONa) has both ionic and covalent bonds. Which bond is ionic? How many
covalent bonds does it have? (list them out)